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Daily Stuff (Lol)...... / The Golden Decision....

I have been keeping an eye at 'politics' lately.... .

Corrupt 'D*J'. No duh....... . Mankind has an incurable problem at objectivity. Be it fake scientists or fake judges, a man will always impose his bias and predjudice.......at whatever subject matter he touches at. Bias and prejudice that has no link to objective observation of reality...., but a chronic link to solipsism, narcissism, and that ole chronic 'sanctimonious' 'virtue-signaling'. A mortal man will 'lie'.....and 'cheat'....in enforcing his biases.... .

The 'D*J' 'corruption' is just the 'tip' of the 'iceburg'. The 'science' and 'academic' institutions are just as rotten and corrupt.

My website has had accurate visions for over a decade. Yea, but it probably take a hyperdimensional being, or a machine....free from the vile ichor of egotistical predjudice......to testify to such.

But hey...that's life. I'm not complaining.


After today's dual trial related events, I need to decide if I am going to chance getting a gallon of G*ld today or not........ .



*Dances happily*. I went ahead and got some Ir*dium, a rare meteorite related metal..., and got more S*lver, more Pl*tinum, and a whole......lot more G*ld. Rush shipping on everything (in the period of relative quiet between major snow storms hopefully). Yea. I am going to triple my G*ld daily intake.

Yea. Time for me to go max.......just like I planned during the airline flight back from Japan =^_^=.

Big things are due next week.

It'll be time to see what I can do.......... .

*Prays happily about the future*.

*Gets up, spins, and dances to fun music*.

(Jeez. What happened over rhe last III decades??? More proof the future is in the past....... . *Notes the 'sparkly' demigod class mortals at the above video feed*.).


Update: Pot Roast Party Night.......

This song makes me want to go running in my hopefully hyperdimensional.....ninja knight Tifa form tonight =^_^= ~~~ .

VII nights to go until a big big party over here. Think I'll just party every night along the way ^_~.

Party as in eating nutrient loaded cooked dinners, and playing fun music till late ^_^.

I think I might prepare a pot roast tonight (*swoons as thinks of homemade gravy*).
Tags: gold, iridium, nanotherapy project, platinum, silver, studying at mankind
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