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Guess I Landed The Searing.. / Music Dreams & Where They Are Headed.. / I Want To Fall In Love Again

I decided to enact my party pot plan (lol)........ .

Naw, I ain't getting 'hood' up in here :P. I have never done / had 'marijuana'.

I am talking about pot roast to eat for the next couple days =^_^=!

Me seared teh roast with spices.......before placing it in the crock pot with a load of veggies. I wanna use it to make a gravy (*swoons*) (*purrs*) =^_^=......tomorrow.

Hehe. Yea. I need meals I can enjoy...to shift my mind from thinking about my new loop pedal...(*swoons*).

I give thanks for the chance to eat like this.


Me? My head is filling with musical ideas....as I think about the future, and the tone of the music I want to record / play.

Even with rarely practicing in the last year or so, Nootropics and nanotherapy hath kept my past music playing capacities mostly intact.

Me though? I do not know how far I will be able to take the loop pedal..........but I will give my all..... .

But you know what my dream is?


On the starship that recently flew by this planet (which shall apparently return).....

no title

....I want to experience my true form, and train on a multitude of instruments.... . Even *voice*.....training O_O. Yea. And I want to make an album..... . An album that would hopefully be about *true* love.... . Yea. An album about that would musically embody intense struggles, limitless defiance at the forces of evil, and the kind of fiery resolve...faith....and determination that only...too...comes by way of survival / life on the frontlines.

Yea, I wanna be a ninja night musician =^_^=....... . I want to report everything I've been through in musical form......and with a variety of instuments.

no title

no title



I wonder if I can be part of a band someday.......?

I dunno, but I am now wondering if these intruments were not ever intended for terrestrial playing on this planet. Did I specifically get them for the purpose of the oncoming starship expwriences...???


Lol. I am glad I note the 80's past and gone....(lol).

Wow. This peak subanime band I am currently listening and watching is '*extremely*' powerful...... .

[Woa.... . Those vocals...tho O_O....(1:58 to 2:06 point...). (*Thinks about my ability to visit at any era of 'mankind'.....*]

.... .

Number one demigod...band....I have probably ever witnessed... .

I am actually getting triggered flashbacks regarding my past.... . The hyperdimensional plane is a place with free shopping malls, free restaurants, free instrument shops, and incredibly friendly and sociable individuals who regularly stagger me with their incredible talent and beauty.... . Yea.... . Gorgeous.....women. Women who limitlessly captivate any sense you have..... . Women who inspire incredible music.

Lol. Yea. I want to get home... . I wanna fall in love from afar....(whilst striving to adhere to my vows of celibacy) with some Goddesses Of Rock =^_^=! (*Swoons*). I want my heart to be captivated....=^_^=.
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