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A Peculiar Event...... / My Next Nan*therapy Goal......

A very peculiar and utterly unprecedented (!!!!!) event took place today.

Whether it was a fluid world event, or a dimension dive, I kept spectated at weird and freaking out....entities...from a 1980's setting.

Eventually....I watched at that setting disintegrate (!!!), and I was seemingly standing on the surface of what seemed like an ocean (!!??!!). A private cruise ship, quite enormous, was next to me.... . Did my starlike form popped from my bodily point of view or something...(*cringe*)..??? I ask thar because I may have witnessed what seemed like a subanime K*rdashi*n 'adult' (*groans in disgust*) grafted at the point of view...I had just inhabited. The graft had on jeans, and a shirt. But....*but*, I noticed what seemed like synchronization issues..., because the subanime entity started rambling and 'mumbling' about nonsensical bimbo stuff, and claiming some dude or dude(s) were checking 'it's' 'butt' (not me, I wasn't interested nor impressed).

That was when, and quite possibly for an initial time I have ever remembered (!!!!), I experienced . what seemed to be (!!??!!?!!) like the direct handling of my star-like form and true essence (!!!!). My point of view instantly shifted, and I saw.....sands of what seemed like a beach...moving below me....as if I was being carried or in any case guided.

(*Blushes totally red*). Yea, but along with sand in my field of vision, I saw (!!!) what seemed to be the (!!!) very up close and personal *O_O* view of a pair of (!!!!) futuristic bikini bottoms....and hoodie shirts (!?!?) wearing mysterious beings (!!!!!). Yea, and the *BEINGS* had ***THIGH*** ***GAPS***. This is not some 'corn' 'ball'....'low' 'vibration' 'pervo' 'cr*p' I am talking about here..... . The futuristic and previous metal / superconductive inlayed bikini bottoms....featured glowing and visible pathways that visibly pulsed with ***RHYTHMIC*** concentrations / torrents of what had to be the input of *INTERGALACTIC* scale concentrations of cosmic energy. Yea, and ***I***, unlike any mortal in this regard, know ***EXACTLY*** what that meant!!!

Did the beings have soft tan skin, or fair skin.....? The energy of youth, and incredibly good vibes....emanated from the beings.

But then issues took place. An exodimensional deity of some sort trapped at the Omniversal Routing Gem 'imposed' 'hscking'...at my senses, dubbing a strange MTV 'announcer' and fake 'MTV' 'broadcast' 'credits' (same as the deity level tricks and deception tricks used with the anime industry lie maybe...?)....at my hovering field of view of those gorgeous beings. Not only that, my view of actual thigh gaps had issues, and for moments....it was like I witnessed masculine and genderless....gapless replacements digitized at my field of view (ones that lacked the covenant affirming bikini bottoms, and had some 'standard' 'narrow' 'crotch'....facsimile 'Hot' 'Topic' 'garbage' 'on'.....).

My point of view suddenly shifting to a bodily location...that saw the walking pair from the side (!!!), but I witnessed a strange and fake....'hovering' 'black' 'camera' imposed at what had been / still was my floating starlike form..... . Too, I witnessed a possibly headless MTV microphone holding ghoul..running up at the side of the pair of beings....whilst disappearing....(lol) bit by bit......as he closed in at (!!!) the vicinity of the (!) high height and rounded posteriors (*blinks*) of the mysterious beings.

I next found myself sitting, sitting on a lovely sunrise or sunset beach setting.....with the (!!!) pair of mysterious hyperdimensional and beyond anime beings sitting to my right....a couple arm lengths away. The breeze was lovely, and it was like the pair of beings CONDITIONED........the AIR....around the setting (clues no mortal will understand, in case I ever have amnesia again and need to read this as a reminder of reality). They were so spiritually clean, so spiritually hygenic, and just sitting near them was a treat to the senses for which I thank them (*feels my toenails glowing with hope*).

I detected at 'something' 'off' at my immediate right tbough, and that as a strange and ghostlike...transparent..80's residential setting phased in at the true environment. At my immediate right, I witnessed an unknown subanime anime hybrid XX chromosome type.....that wore a hoodie shirt....and had on the death omen that is / was a 'narrow' ('by' 'default') 'c***h' equipped...green and white patterned 'swimsuit'.... . The unknown one had somewhat long.....light brown hair? The subanime anime hybrid one said words directed at me...., whilst hugging knees to it's chest...as if a confession was taking place. Was Starry Maiden there......whilst yet I spectated at another one of a million trillion 'grafts'?

I did not recognize the subanime anime one whatsoever... .

I soon found myself strained...and one my side....bsck to the mountain sanctuary.

I now have a clue as to what I am going to use the gallon of G*ld for.., along with the S*lver, Pl*tinum, and Irid*ium. I think I might know what I must do to find the truth.

(I thank the beings who appeared to me today. Thank you so much).


I revealed the contents of my heart in the last post...... .

IReality (!!!) responded to me accordingly........ .

And I have made a decision???

The only confession and testimony I will *TRULY* trust and believe in..., regarding the Starry Maiden matter, is a testimony directly from the mouth of a beyond anime being...... .

Yea. (*Remembers that vision whereby I witnessed at that 'false' 'jaggydrasil' 'journal', and that during that autumn II years ago*). This Omniversal Routing Trial thing is the ultimate test..... . An ultimate test of wisdom, knowledge, and purity of heart. An ultimate test meant to confirm freedom from 'ego'...(aka narcissism and solipsism), and the ability to care about others. An ultimate test of faith.... . An ultimate test of good sense.

Yea, and fact is, so long as you witness subanime, you will with the abyssal 'depths' of evil, deceit, and treachery.

That is the whole point.

If Starry Maiden and I are not yet synchronized mentally and perceptually, she could witness a...heroin junkie Asian XY chromosome type or XX chromosome type.....that is in a 'open' 'marriage'.......grafted at her perception of *ME*.

Yea. One that would disrespect at her, and dump obstacles at her path home, and even her path to me.

That is the truth and premise behind this whole trial thing.

Yea. Me? I do not go around demanding respect, so I did not even notice or give 'it' attention...., but fact is...I noted that "BG author" (whether illusory apparition or otherwise) did not give me respect, nor acknowledge the scope and scale of just what I did.

I was not given respect. Me, that somehow rose up in victory after witnessing direct warfare from most '***POWERFUL***' and destructive 'God'..... . And the methods of absolute celibacy and self-development that said victory ***DEPENDED*** on....were not respected either. I was not regarded objectively by way of my actions. I was not studied objectively, or even observed objectively Whenever I was not 'convenient', I noted the one throw fits at me...(just like I have noted local one or two 'NC' 'local' XX chromosome types do on one or two occasions)....and then 'ignore' '/' 'go' 'offline'. The crowning matter for me though, was how I noted the author did not *LIVE* for anybody.... . Did not have a life goal. A dream. The author did not respect nor even acknowledge the reasons why I defied at 'God', the reason that is the safety and innocence of child-like beings enjoying a safe and happy paradise environment / life in the hyperdimensional plane this very instant.

Me? I am going to try to walk in faith..... .

The starship and it's sentry units art into play now.

Even my data loaded lightning usage last February / March seemed to be supported by what the starship / starship sentry did last week. (Did the sentry continue the work I initiated? And was that lightning blasts procedure intended aa a means to juice up her brain activity, and synchronize the minds of Starry Maiden and myself even more?).
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