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Glitchy Day....... / N*n*particle Update

Today has been trippy IRL, and I am kinda concerned.... .

Seems I may note 'company' 'bankruptcy' or some strangeness looming...at my current G*ld nan*particle source.

The website is down in certain parts, the emails are not being answered, and even the phone calls are not being answered.

I'll wait about another day before I take action, and I will not use that company again in any case.... .


I noted J visit at lunchtime, and as my roast over rice was preparing in the oven.

I prepared plates of food, and a laughter packed lunch took place. (Yea. My house be chill. Ain't no drama here).

Thhe mail truck suddenly came up the mountainside? I was not expecting what happened next..... . The truck did a turn-around in the back yard area of the house, and pulles up to where I stood...... . Rather than witnessing the 'usual' dude or old XX chromosome type, I was like O_O (!!!!!!!) when I witnessed a 'petite' demigod class mortal (!??!??!) with wavy and tied up dark brown hair...sitting in the driver's seat. What was going on....? I witnessed an animesque level 'slim' 'waist' that was not obscured by a somewhat short....tiny bubble style winter coat. Too, I took notice at strangely animesque 'full' 'thighs'..., and (!!!) animesque chest features that not even the coat could hide. I activated W.O.L (*cackles*).....and the area quaked with shifted gravity..., and I then explained how I was going to rock with the guitar pedal in the boz.

Lol. Hahaha. I noticed the anomalous XX chromosome type laugh, smile big, and do a hair caress motion...... . The flustered one asked...with a 'naturally' 'high' 'pitch' 'voice' at what I meant....in a 'flirty' 'tone' (lol). I just said how I was about to rock the town tonight =^_~=..., and then waved~~~..... and went into the house. Lol.

J noticed at me using W.O.L {*facepalms and groans*), and brusque and alpha as ever (*cackkes*)...., he commented that it sounded like the mail deliverer was 'aroused' in a certain way he had to tell me about long ago....(*facepalms*).

After lunch was over, and after a while of chatting, I noted the super full J swagger to his feet, and head on to go pick up his wife.

I unboxed the surprisingly tiny loop pedal....

.....but waited on using it. Why? I dunno? I wanna sleep lol. Catch a nap. Yea, that farm food caught up with me =^_^=.

I'll wake up in a bit, prepare and take some energy powder / superfood substance, and then give it a go with my new work tool.

I give thanks that this day could come.
Tags: house of art, music studio, music training, nanotherapy project, party night
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