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Walking Atop Heaven's Pink Clouds / A Triggered Fluid World Event

*Sobs a bit*.

Wow..... . (*Exhales in a shivery manner*)..... . P...(*feels my toenails ignite with prismatic light*)....playing the above (*gulps*)...a (!!?!?!?!!) fluid world akin event took place (!!!) (*feels my tummy lurch*), and rather than sitting on the bed in my bejeweled m*ning house sanctuary, I was (!!!!!) (!!?!??!!?!!!) sitting on a pink cloud (!!?!!), a beyond anime pink cloud so high up..., I did not see nor sense any ground below. it was like being in another world, another plane..(!!!), a heavenly plane, and possibly II other beings were present (*sniffles*) nearby.....and watching / listening.. . (*Sobs a bit*). Everything....felt so so good there ~~~~. Everything...felt like it would be okay ~~~ =^_^= ~~~.

When the mountain sanctuary location phased back into my perception, a gentle rain (*felt my navel area glow with an intense burst of light*) touched down upon the house, and the immediate landscape.

Yea. I was ***SUPPOSED*** (*weeps a bit*) to get this Ditto pedal. Jeez. Wow even. Woa!!! (*Gawks as a tear goes down my nose bridge*).

(*Exhales and pants in swooned manner....as still feels the energy of heaven upon the area*).

(*Swoons and sobs*).

I pray in thanks for the chance to play today's selections. I thank all the beings who supported me to this day, and made it possible for me. Thank you.

(*Tearfully gulps*).

(*Places another selection*).

Tags: fluid world, fluid world event, house of music, reality control, spellsong effects, spellsongs, starry maiden
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