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Fluid World Event In Progress / Morphing Historical Data

Is the song transforming, or are ears awakening to the ability to hear new frequencies.....????

Why am I suddenly hearing mana harmonic sounds to the Wolfy song????

What is going on???

After listening to the Wolfy song play simultaneously to the hyperdimensional theme "My Sweet Little Monkey", some kind of reality / physics glitch is taking place....... . The song I recorded earlier is *MORPHING*. The very file data is!!!!!

Fluid world indeed!

Those energy wave sounds in the Wolfy theme, like to 0:12, and :21..., where did they come from?????

Playing my yeard ago song about Starry Maiden, and my newest song about her (!!!!) simultaneously, ***MORPHED*** the new song somehow!!! I heard sounds that sounded as if they were from another plane of existence...whilst listening to both songs simultaneously........ .
Tags: analyzing fluid world events, spellsong effects, studio analysis
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