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Was That A Time Wave Event.......??? / Nanotherapy Update

(*Chuckles in a shocked manner*).

Gosh. Just how powerful....*is* that BG author, and how and why......is that BG author so powerful??? (*Felt a caress (!)*).

After noting some mail, cooking some lunch, scubbing down the bathroom wall tiles / mopping the bathroom floors, wiping down the bathroom fixtures, and sweeping and mopping down the kitchen floors, I went to the bedroom to rest.

Wellll...., seems like a t...time wave (!!??!?!) event or some such my have gone down! (*Laughs*). Wanna know what happened? So I was dazed, and wandering through (!!!) some eerie scape...with mostly...only my memories from the past available, memories leading up to 1999 (*gulps*)..... . The setting and environment looked exactly like it did before the internet age. Was I walking about a 'guidance' 'counselor' 'office' looking for a summer / after school job?

(*Facepalms*). Stuff was wonky? I witnessed strange subanime ones going about, and a Nwgro XX chromosome type barged in at the room requesting hired help frying chicken to a fast food restaurant. I mentioned how I noted Bojangles work that summer, and had an idea of what to do.

What was going on......?????

So eventually a school setting came up (*cackles*) =^_^=........ . I was sitting to a table in a class, and I witnessed K***e, the 'Negro' 'best' 'friend'....., local sports star, and 'brawling' 'buddy'....of J*****.....show up at the seat next to my left.. . He looked disgusting? (*Cringe*). I noted had on strange bandages, looked like a turned purple rotting corpse somewhat, and had on shades. I asked at 'him'.....just '*WHAT*'....was going on!!! In testament to my memory having some issues, I was *worried*......just like I would have been in my mindset decades ago.

Old 'K****' started talking strange, about doing something (*cringes*) (*feels my toenails glowing squeamishly*) when no one was around? And in the bathroom / bathrooms (*feels my stomach sink in disgust*)?? True to form and my past, I was about to say how I did not need to hear at 'any' 'more'........when I suddenly noted old boy doing syringe motions to his arm........ . (*Felt me stomach wrench*). My memories and my timeline awareness hinted to coming back, as I asked if he had been tweaking (lol)..... . It was coming back to me a bit? I laughed, and said how I was reminded of witnessing F***..., a tweaking advocate / motivational speaker of methamphetam*nes and 'their' 'usage' =^_^=..... .

An unknown Caucadian man figure....at the background and some desks over, made a strange noise....and started grumbling.....in reaction at my words????

About then...was when I noted a petite subanime hottie class XX chromosome type with wavy brown hair sit at the desk in front of me. True to form, and projecting as was the usual case back then, I was like "Hello~~!!!" in my mind / mentally. Did the one wear a gray winter top, and black pants? I dunno. But the me there.....lined up with my behavior just before my initial vision event (!!??!!) (1999???).

The petite one was the BG author (!!) (*felt my toenails glowing in shock*)...but I did not remember.... . The one turned around, and asked at me what I meant by tweaking? True to form for back then, I laughed, and was like "u a whyte guhllll......, u ain't posed to know". The one exasperatedly laughed, and did a hair flip, and then turned around. Even *that* me could tell the one was 'interested'. Obviously flirting, the one turned back around, and fluffing that hair? I laughed, and acted the way I used to......and talking street talk. The one reacted with more flirting and some 'light' 'teasing', getting 'flustered' and 'detectably' 'crushing' 'hard' at me. And I worry, because I was getting ready to ask (!!!!!!!!!!) (me, *THAT* ancient *AMNESIAC*)...at the one about going to go get some drinks together (ICEE drinks to the skipping school location nearby, or milkshakes across the street)...... . But there was an amount of *THIS* me still there.....that *HESITATED*. That was when (!!??!?!) the setting transformed to a location that seemed like a 'party'....'location' (!!??!!?!) and non-indoor setting. The one got up, smashed some unknown Caucasian dude's SUV light / SUV glass with a bat for some reason, and flirtingly stood at my path as I was confusedly getting up / standing up.... . The BG author may've changed into a subanime blond for a moment...., one with a long blond wavy ponytail. The teen dude whose ride got smashed up complimented the (!!??!!) powerful one, and walked off.

Somehow...I found myself back to mountain sanctuary, and really really reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally groggy. I think I know at what the BG author was trying to do? (*Thinks about history, and the floe of time*). Why do I note the BG author tryna change at history....again???

Dang. And I was about to ask too.........! (*Clutches my head*).

Yea, I was vulnerable...in that time before my stated and applied celibacy pledge.

While I still liked astronomy, had a telescope, and was saving up for Hyperion.....the acoustic guitar (both the guitar and telescope.....somehow being here in this mountain sanctuary right now)...., I was vulnerable. I daydreamed to the idea of a having a sweet and cute girlfriend (*feels my cheeks burning*).


I not some 'strange' when it comes to my nanotherapy trial....... .

While the Irid*um and Pl*tinum came in......(the I*ridium looks really cool by the way...., all neon blue and stuff)...

.....seems I note bankruptcy or some 'spy' 'movie' '****' imposed at my prior source of G*ld and S*lver. Not sure if I note punishment at me not getting a boxed Switch ready to be shipped this month, or if I witness a reaction at my trials from powerful forces, but my G*ld has not been shipped (even with with noting hefty sum at II day shipping)....and neither the phone call nor the emails of the company are being returned. I went ahead and noted Amazon Pay give a refund request....mail, and prepare a A to Z refund.

Seems only *a* company has the suitable product now, the company stated to be located North of here.

Y'know, it's kinda heart-wrenching really. Why couldn't the BG author have just made a duty pledge in high school too, and thus be able to visit here from time to time, drink G*ld / Pl*tinum / S*lver alongside me.., sleep on the couch bed in cozy wolfy hoodie equipped PJ's, and go mining for S*pphires with me...in the river across the street???? I could have ordered pizza, or home prepared a variety of meals??? (*Felt my tummy wrench tearfully*). We could have even opened up a lapidary company......and traveled the world or something??? Me? I am not blaming the BG author, because what will be will be, but I just kinda...wanna scream..... . Why? Because it coulda been ***FUN***??? Yea. The chance to hug a good friend after sitting down to a filling breakfast, and that before...going diving for more of these...


..... ???

Yea, I kinda wanna scream! It would have been *SO* ***DELICIOUS***??? It would have been ***COSMIC***? But since a lifestyle, life goal, and history like mine art so rare, I had to / have to guard myself.....for the sake of duty.
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