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A Little Midnight Snack / I'd Rather Slice My Own Cheese From Now On.... / Teh Bite-Cam

Since I got my hands on some restaurant quality supplies last week, snd to celebrate the recording of a pair of improvisation based and non-scripted spellsongs that unexpectedly got me to tears..., I decided to celebrate by cooking myself a little snack =^_^=.

Yea, just a pair more than of 1/4 pound each patty melts, and some crispy fries.

The melts featured some country store type cheese picked up recently, cheese from a block.

Deciding it was time, I pioneered "Teh Bite-Cam" as I took the initial bite. Oh wowsers, that was unexpected =^_^=!!!!

Do you see that gooey ~~~ stretch action? Just what I was looking for =^_^=.

Yea. No more grocery store level products for me from now on....lest my survival depends upon it.

From now on, I am going to get block cheese....

....and slice the cheese myself ^_^.... .


I do not know if it is related or not, but I *rrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally* want to be able to see slender hyperdimensional females who, while still fully clothed, have lush behinds that ripple, jiggle, wiggle, and bounce *^_^*. I want to be able to *see* the bounce, confirm the bounce, and that so I can pray in thanksgiving for the chance to see such a heavenly sight.....and, on account of inspiration, make more spellsongs =^_^=!!!

I *need* to see a healthy hyperdimensional female...who, whilst wearing pretty skirts, dresses, pantaloons, and pants, can make it bounce......, ripple, wiggle, and jiggle...just doing regular and innocent daily activities. (No gross subanime mortal profane 'dancing' necessary). I need to see a female who, when she spins on her heels whilst celebrating some joyous lifestyle event or such, can make it *sway*..... . (*Swoons*).

The universe needs it. The world needs it. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with prayer and hope, and hears the spellsong from the other day filling my neural pathways*). The omniverse needs it.

Please let it be so. (*Prays in feelings of hope*).

[This is actually a very very very very very serious post segement...when you know / discover the actual function of said tissue. Hyperdimensional class knowledge even I will not release onto the internet].
Tags: cooking, fun, house of filling meals, house of peace, party night, snacktime, the posterior support diet
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