Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
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The Starry Maiden Missions......

I am about to implement some empath / telepath / spiritualist missions via fluid world / dimension diving means.

I must. When I played those spellsongs the other other day, I was not anticipating such an icy, chilled, and frozen effect for the continental environment would take place.

That, and consecutive BG author witnessing events... .

I must do something.

I.....I have to try to prove Starry Maiden is not that BG author...... .

(*Felt my stomach sink*).

(*Groans in utter agony as notes the sting of an acute glaucoma attack from ole Negro boy.....grafted at the status of my left eye*).

K. Here goes the search.... .
Tags: detective work, field research, spellsong effects, starry maiden
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