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Pain Doesn't Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams....

Ain't no glaucoma gonna stop this cat =^_^=!

I'm nodding to teh tunes.....

....and working on the basis my next time and space manipulation surge event....

.... . I am aiming for beyond anime appearance and...sorta like a Star Scout....and Star Knight....and Star Ninja (lol)...and Star Dancer motif... . Yea, open finger gloves, glowing prismatic nails..,, an actually starry waist bow (with actual and literal stars / galaxies featured within the bow).., possibly open toes platform sandals.. .

Lol. I wanna dance ~~~ =^_^= ~~~!!!

*Dances to teh tunage*. Yea, noting my true form, my true hearts, my true nervous system.... .

*Dances on, holding sketching for a while*.

Yea.... . Wonder if I shoukd go with a kimono / yukata style motif,or a European style frilly kid dress look with puffy-topped / frilly-topped....open toe socks, or a futuristic style scout uniform.... . I might just get the paper xerox scanned, print multiple copies, and do each idea......with the same pen used to make the base illustration.

I kinda wanna do multiple pose variants too.....with the products of each. Yea ^_^. Ninja dashing...., sprinting, and the like.

Yea. I need some more hyperdimensional overworld plane and beyond anime fluid world events in my future *^_^*. Yea. I wanna be ***FAST***. I want a body designed for speed, and agility... . Both physically, and neurologically..(multiple brains as intended to be attested by the hip width / thigh gap).

I'm excited about the future *^_^*!

*Continues daydreaming...daysketchdreaming with a convenience store ink pen in my hand*.

Tags: anatomy, designing my own existence, fun, house of art, life lessons, neurology, physiognomy, physiology, reality control, spellsketch
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