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Wow....Really? / Next Time....It'll Be Some Friendly Intentioned Wrestling Fun

Lol..... .

What a week trippy week this was :P.

Is it almost kayfabe breaking time or something??? I mean, what happened to the prospect of getting a gallon of G*ld???

And what about what happened when I watched at the 'L*ve' 'Tyrant' anime synching up at my current events? (*Recalls what happened as I watched at the 'final' 'episode' last night*).

And why did my LJ post editor have issues loading just now???

Well, time to cover the fluid world and / or dimension diving events that took place way after midnight..... .

About as soon ss I decided to try to rest, some kind of trippy fluid workd event went down. I found myself standing in what seemed like a daylight setting, and I was specifically in the kitchen. I noted the 'neighbor' (!!??!!?), one I have had to distance myself at (he found at my abilities and 'talked' 'too' 'much'......, claiming I was not 'mortal' and such)........, rapping at the house door as if he was freaking out. Hunh? Opening the door in a groggy and confused state...., I was like "what's up?". The dude...gave a 'church' 'invite' (!?!?!)...... . So groggy I did not even remember the day was supposed to be Saturday I pointed toward my eye.... . Then, just to clarify, I said how I was noting eye pain / eye issues....to dodge at the 'invite'.

After hat, possibly immediately after that and as soon as I closed the door, a deep fluid world event was revealed...as in progress.

Was I about to see my beloved Starry Maiden....??? That was what I wondered, but I tempered my optimism with caution....and managed expectations. Glad I did..... . The things that happened next were blurry and fuzzy. While I think I *did*, some point, back away at the approach of an animesque entity that sounded alot like supposed 'VA' 'F*lic*a' 'Ang*ll*'........., what I mostly spectated...was a strange and intoxicated acting figure (*cringes*) that was seemingly split into three parts / bodies....within a single house.

The unknown figure eventually kept changing race...too..... .

Each figure had on a ring...., ring which had a weird aura about 'em. The figures seemed mostly unconcious though?

Some other and unknown force was going to each body / version of the figure, and taking away the rings. But as I watched the ring taker force reach the second of the triad...., the second one threatened the ring taker with violence. Did that particular ring possessing figure have on a fake Blue Sapphire ring..that had a weird aura to it?

I studied at the second of the three for a while..., and noticed a strange fixation on a 'mobile' 'phone' that kept changing...... .

The one I studied seemed to freak out....when the unit had problems connecting...., connecting to someone on the other end. I specifically heard at the words "shatter" "star" stated? (*Cringe*).


(When I got back, I confirmed that I had read at the profile of a g*y themed DC or Marvel dude of that moniker..in the past).

The one started freaking out, and having some sort of attack. I questioned what 'drug' (*winces*) the one had using (*facepalms*) (*just saw a glowing white streak towards the ceiling*). The strange figure reacted at my words 'tearfully' (!??!?!), and I possibly noted the seeming stranger referencing a doctor (I do not know).....and something black and something red (!!?!?!!!?!???!!?!??!).

About then was when I spectated at the puking....O_O...., and even more more puking after that puking.... . The strange one suddenly changed from a Negro into 'bony' 'Caucasian'? About the same time as I observed at the race change, I noted a subanime daylight street stall (!!) setting.....of a European style....fade in at the surroundings.

The stranger kept puking??? I dodged some 'droplets' hacked forth....by the one. The stranger staggered up from a seated / fallen position.....(*shakes my head*).

Soon....I found myself here and just shaking my head......as I said..."reaally??". (*Sighs*).

Hmmmmm...... . Me? I am not blaming anybody. I just chock the matter up to witnessing subanime..... .


I have a hunch that I will witness that BG author again during a dimension diving / fluid world event, so I have a plan =^_^=. Yea, it's silly, but I am who I am.

I think I am going to try to gently use the Boston move *^_^*!

Yea! Wrestling! (*Cackles*) =^_^=. Wrestling that has friendly intent behind it :P. I am gonna coat myself in relaxation inducing energy armor. I'll be careful. I do not intend harm ^_^.

I may as well have some fun / make some fun of the events. Only if I note the Negro graft at me like usual though, otherwise.....(*gulps*) unh unh.

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, contact events with Starry Maiden skyrocketed....after I mentioned wrestling on this journal before........ . Hmmm... . Why???? Does she like wrestling or something? Does she respond positively to it??? Does she need it?????? Do we both need it????


Me? My next goal, is to find the real Starry Maiden, and have an audio conversation with her....as I ***STAY*** perceiving her true and beyond anime form. That might be about the only way to hear some words from her that actually make sense. (For the most part, and likely a testament to synchronization issues, the subanime or anime grafts at her existence always stay 'in' 'character' to the horrific limitations of the grafting 'medium').

For some reason, we both seem to be "mute"......during the bulk of our beyond anime contact events. Me? I know for a fact I am usually mute during dimension diving and fluid world events due to data processing issues. Sometimes in the contact events of the past, I have even had to try to communicate with hyperdimensional beings by gestures and hand signs.......or even writing on paper It's as if the speaking / speech portions of my brain have to shut down...in an effort to allocate more resources to the hearing and seeing of beyond anime hyprodimensional beings.

Yea. The sacral brains, and crystalline brain organs revelations were generated of need. Sheer necessity.

Are my sacral brain organs being purposefully kept dormant until I educate another trialer about their existence?

Or is there something *I* have yet to do....????

I need steady-state graphs that display my own data processing performance and headroom values, as well as the data processing values of Starry Maiden. I hope that ship would have that. I need more tools and resources made available to me.

From what it seems like, functioning sacral brains are central and tantamount to both gender.....as well as quality of life. Sacral brains, and loads of data processing headroom.....opens doors of existence.., gateways of existence, both figuratively and literally. Yea, the reason why beyond anime is "beyond" 'anime', and infinitely infinitely infinitely infinitely infinitely beyond subanime, resides in data concentration levels / data quality.

Yea. Next time I see Starry Maiden, I'm going straight into touching her lower back =^_^=....with teh hugtime action. I gotta *^_^*..... . Her brains need stimulation. Manual stimulation.
Tags: data processing, life goals, neurology, sacral brains, wrestling
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