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Jag Yggdrasil

The 'Isle' Of C*nnibal Ghosts / Starry Maiden's Living Soul / The Sleeping Little Monkey........

I was being silly last night *^_^*..., and decided to make a "Black Hissry Munt Cake"....

for laughs (*cackles*).

It was done in the spirit of silliness (*blushes*). Lol.

But seems like a certain old force did not like my actions, nor some references in a recent.....post.... . (*Recalls at 'Gramps'*).

After some time of chilling, and noting IX Parchments before bed, I retired to bed.

My main thoughts were focused around consuming the other half of the cake with some more milk when I woke next =^_^=.

Maybe the Ir*dium took effect, because what followed next was a *very* intense series of fluid world events. The landscape kept morphing and morphing.

For some time, I ***THINK*** I saw that Tifa event air base setting that I reported last month or in December. I saw it from a view...high in the air above it, and that during what seemed like a snowstorm. But I noted the enemy boss at that event (*laughs and cackles*), a grumpy......subanime toon 'airplane..., had some gruff words to say at me? Did I witness the plane grappling at me with his cartoonish landing gear??? After listening at his death threat in a state of confusion, I guess I noted him 'let' 'go'... .

I sailed downwards fast, but landed unharmed to what seemed like a...steel frame building that had it's canvas / covering blown away.

After watching at something so stupid and absurd (*laughs*) as a gangster talking subanime toon airplane, I just sat....and blinked..in the snow.

Some point later...though I witnessed a 'historic' roadside coastal plains subanimw setting, albeit one that featured (*cringed*) 'fully' 'unclothed' subanime men doing weird stunts on motorized bicycles. I had no interest in that ****.... .

Right as I turned the other way, and prepared to try to dive into some daylight setting woodlands cover, I (*cringe*) witnessed the drug dealer 'Gramps' dude, all 6'5 or so of him, strangely 'beckoning' at me (*cringes*). I watched at him as he crossed the strange road.... . Being silly (*facepalms*), and ready to possibly study at him 'sell' 'some' 'drugs'....(*cackles* =^_^=!!!!), 'some' 'crack' 'rocks', I followed......at the path of his strange 'footfalls' '/' 'creeping'.... . (*Laughed and facepalms*).... .

Oooooo~~~~............. .

The subanime ground changed to subanime desert sand...(*cringes*), and I noticed '*FAT*' 'venomous' 'snakes'...poorly hidden at the path I walked. I may have witnessed ten or twenty of um, one a 'diamondback'...., and all of 'em stock still. Right as I was ready to turn back (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*)..., a (*groans*) strange and enclosed subanime room, like a hotel room full of poorly hidden venomous snakes, digitized....at my environment. Only later, much later, did I discern at the evil man's 'plan'. But then and there, noting a Negro dude grafted at me like usual, my guard was down a bit.

Even so, I had an amount of self preservation instinct to not be alone with a man in a 'hotel' 'room' (*cringes and groans*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with fear*). That probably saved me (*winces*). Okay. Here is what happened next.

I fled the room, even after spectating at dude or someone claiming that a 'arrest' might take place if I were to evade the room.

I went ahead and dodged the snakes..../ serpents lying in wait at my footpath, but then watched in shock as a icky public restroom grafted at the setting / my overall location. Yea. Too, I noticed a middle-aged...(???) subanime Caucasian XX chromosome type with animesque pronged hair...wearing jeans and a button up dress shirt..enter at the setting. Uhhhhhhhh....... . I seemed to hear at the Caucasian asking at me...questions about yaoi (*feels my fingernails glowing in fright*)..... . That, followed by offering hugs......(*shakes my head*).

For some reason, I did not dodge as I watched the XX chromosome type hug at me, but I *did* gasp...as I (!?!?!) felt a...a...a.kissing and sucking sensation on my neck!!!!!! *O_O*..... . That, amidst feeling a held embrace...... . Lol. Did I hear a ...a...a.moan???? *O_O*. I, for some reason, did not sense 'evil' behind the hug, but it was time to go....... .

Seems I witnessed gramps changing into some 'purple'...snake king entity......., a toon one. When the apparent mystery hugger released the hug, I did some kind of dimension swimming technique to launch myself / fly myself....to what seemed like a dark / night setting......near a mall.

A room formed around me, but this time, a room that seemed to be of my own generation.

I laid low a bit, because I briefly spotted at the enemy boss toon airplane.....that had gone fully toon, and spotted at him strutting (!?!!?!) through a 'parking' 'lot' with his 'modded' 'decorative' 'neon' 'bodylights' 'brazenly' 'on'.

I wanted to avoid a fight, avoid trouble, but I was hungry........??? I thought about going to K&W, and I thought about going to a burger place. I felt hopeful about the mini snack mission, because I felt light on my feet for some reason. Right as I was about to go, I heard a trembling, vulnerable, and shaken voice...(???????) c.....calling for me. I saw a figure with pronged / wavy hair....tearfully reaching for me..., saying...."Ha......tsu.....ki" / "は.....つ....き"........... . Hmmmmm???? Seems the Caucasian observed at moments before, had changed into a animesque 20's something Negro...... . What was with the tears, and the vulnerable and child-like affect?

Trying to be kind, I explained my intentions to go get food..... . But for some reason, my starlike form popped (!?!?!) from my body as I was speaking, (*cringes and groans*)........ . My starlike form hovered near the speaker, and faced toward where (!!!!!).....I had been...... .

Did my body keep on speaking for a while...due to some of my starlike form being there still? Staring upward, I groaned and reeled in joyful disgust......(*chuckles =^_^=....*). My little starform might have been about to throw up starstuff, because I witnessed an animesque and somewhat tall Asian.....with shoulder length dark hair....that was wearing an 'expensive' 'looking' dress top, and a expensive looking grayish leather skirt (*groans*)......grafted at my prior point of view. I was joyfully disgusted because I was 'narcy' 'trap' resistant......, truly disgusted and squeamish at the 'gross' 'form', and not forced by fate and genetics to go on some 'bimbo' 'tirade' about 'feeling' 'pretty' (*cackles*) =^_^=!!!!!! I saw the mysterious tearful person being given a bag that was seemingly said to contain talismans, and possibly snacks....... . But I saw at strange and ghostly entities...silently creeping up (!!!!) to the area directly behind my prior point of view.

I touched back down into my prior point-of-view, skipped the whole finding food thing, grabbed the seeming vulnerable person who cried for me to stay, and bolted.... .

As soon as I did, seems one of the ghostly figures at the background...landed at where I was previously, and that....only to then be 'ambushed'..and 'swallowed' 'whole' (*groans*) by some strange 'eel' '/' 'snake' 'mouth' possessing 'fellow' 'entity'.

I kept running with a seeming mystery individual in tow..., watching all the while at the strange mortals...that seemed like ghostly average Joes turning on each other and going intona c*nnibalistic 'frenzy'.

It was about then....that some real cool music.......pulsed the area, something that aounded lije a hyperdimensional hymn.....of warding that had haunting elements..... . As a massive fluidity wave touched down, I detected at the rampantly ghostly 'vibes' the strange ones gave at spiritual senses..... . The event was *REAL*, and as testament to that, everything shifted till I was back in my bedroom here (!!!!!) but sensing / feeling the paper thin "stability" of the very setting..... . Ummm.....(!!?!!?!!)....with me, and present in my room as huffed and catched my breath, was an unexpectedly present being who "tagged along" with me..on home in some way...... . How can I tell? I sensed a living soul (!!!!!!!) resting upon me / collapsed upon me..... . A soul though that was *VERY* anemic, even ***STARVED*** seeming.... . The soul, to try to be quite honest, is / was about the ***ONLY*** living soul I have sensed over here.....through III decades.... .

The structure of this world felt very very eerie as the little being was collapsed onto mez as if this place was on the verge of descending into permanent fluidity......... . Indeed, a continually and confusedly rolling expanse of shifting textures, sights, sounds, and etc. All of that related (!!!!) to the mystery being somehow.

I wanted the being to survive, so I offered some of my celestial mana on hand..., that too, since I have not had many issues gathering large quantities of it lately. The (!!!) journeying soul (!!!) stirred, stirred, and (!!!!!) sprouted tiny fangs (*laughs*), cute little fangs.....that I could sense somehow.... .

Hunh....????? Starry Maiden....?????!?!??!????? Why was she so anemic when it came to spiritual energy????? Why did she seem so starved??? Yea. It was ***HER***!!!! (Now that I think about it, she had not had hardly any hug based cosmic energy feedings in the last week or couple weeks).

I sensed her soul's pathways take in the cosmic energy, sensed the inflation of her spiritual energy pathways, and took note that she seemed to make noticeable level of recovery relatively fast.

But she could only feed so much before she went to sleep...., sound and deep rest.

I think I got up some point...to go eat the rest of that chocolate cake..... .

But when I got back to bed, another fluid event storm took place.

But eventually (gotta speed this up cause I am kinda tired).....I found myself to some (*squints*) heavily modded arcade version of my mountain sanctuary. (*Recalls how beforehand the stream across the street shifted to a large sunset sea that was strangely wnclosed inside a regional size building of sorts* *recalls the wild gemstones I mined*)). I was sitting around......trying to use a phone or something, but got overwhelmed at some icky, unwanted, and random hentai game that grafted at the phone interface...... . I...I think I heard....m....m..moaning.....of a high-pitched voice as I was lounging around in some foyer room. I was went to go investigate the moaning sounds.... . Lol. (*Blushingly shakes my head*). (*Facepalms*). Not sure why, but sweet little Starry Maiden, the dark hair possessing form of hers seen with the shotgun a couple weeks back, was (!!!) resting / sleeping on her tummy (!!!!) in a...a...a..a..unclothed state (*gulps*)....., and having de...delayed responses (*facepalms*).....and perhaps still in the slow process of fainting.....after the energy meal I infused into her soul (*blinks as I feel a kiss*). Little cute puffy haired Starry Maiden was the source of the sounds... . She was resting on a sealed / enchanted armored blanket, so I knew she would be safe. Too, seems like I spotted a pair of hyperdimensional visiting beings (a individual of the pair was in a suit skirt, and seated in traditional Japanese format as if attending (!!!!) a high-ranked individual).........watching over the scene, beings whom I thank.

Hmmmm..... . Seems Starry Maiden's hair folkrs may shift with her mood...... .

I went back into the foyer area after making sure Starry Maiden was okay.

Not long after that, I noticed a thug dude sauntering up at me from nowhere and demanding at the chance to hear some music from my studio. I reached for my tablet, this very tablet I type with now, and (!!!!)....tried to play my latest themes. Thing is, the "My Sweet Little Monkey" theme, and my themes from last week, blended into some sort of new song, a song blasted forth from the tablet and infused into the very environment.

The very air of the realm became a speaker for my hymn, and with Starry Maiden (!!!!)
nearby all the while, a (!!!) beyond anime transfiguration of a radiant cityscape and pristine environment took place for this realm. My view shifted to that of remote viewing, and ass the music and the energy patterns within it did something to me, I spotted teams of mysterious and possibly beyond anime figures.....appearing on what seemed like hoverbikes..... .

(*Groans*). K. I need to rest now.
Tags: dual trialer synchronization theory, fluid world, fluid world cluster events, fluid world event, soul health, spiritual senses, starry maiden
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