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Update On N*notherapy Happenings / Is Starry Maiden My Girlfriend?

Something I have long learned, is the fact that there are no 'coincidences'.

I just noted a 'refund' from a Caucasian dude that cited a 'severe' 'website' 'crash'......(*raises an eyebrow*)...taking place ***JUST*** as my G*ld gallon order went through over a week ago.

Dude acted 'freaked'.... .

I am wondering what to make of this. Did I note some 'Illuminati' 'stuff'.....? Or am I noticing some Starry Maiden related reality manipulation stuff...???

I am going to push any G*ld gallon stuff to about April, and just slog on with II teaspoon a day doses....of S*lver and G*ld...till about then. (*Worries*).

Hmmm? Ir*dium...effects? The c*lloidal substance is very dense, and has a "space" taste...rather than the soft, silky, and delicate flavors of S*lver, G*ld, and Pl*tinum. It has a quite drastic effect regarding the brain, brain reflexes, and brain stamina.


An eerie event and took place after I wrote the last post.., . I seemingly saw scenes, visuals, of the overworld.

I was very strained, and tired....., and some I*idium related event was underway...because I sensed the metal particles sparking within my body.

A voice came to me...as I struggled to even move......, and almost fainted.

A familiar voice. The voice was that of Ninashi (!!!).

I sensed a W.O.L hug embrace (!!!) (*blush*).....infusing me with cosmic energy and vitality that I (*gulps*) needed..... . Even though shy about hugs, I expressed my thanks....and rested. But then visuals came (!!). And of them, was a visual whereby I saw (as I also felt) hyperdimensional Goddess level Ninashi rise from cuddling to me, and (!!!!) go get (*squints*) a very....dazed and (!?!) catatonic seeming (????) hyperdimensional...Dawn.... .

The hyperdimensional Dawn then cuddled next to me (!!!), and I sensed *anemia* from her....as if Dawn....was anemic and in a coma or something..... .

Me? I do not know what is going on, but if the dual trial is indeed real, I thank Ninashi for thinking of Dawn. If the dual trial is real, I am going to need help in this thing, help reaching Starry Maiden.....and supporting her.

*Thinks about what I saw the other day., specifically Starry Maiden.....upon that carried platform*.

I need a method to talk to Starry Maiden regularly, a method to reach her........ . (I wonder what is taking that starship so long.......). I wonder where her mindscape explorer form is right now, and what she is doing? Is she eating dinner? Has she been getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients? What has her so anemic...lately, and what can I do to help? She ***OBVIOUSLY*** needs algae, G*ld, S*lver, Pl*tinum, and Irid*um. She needs the nutrients necessary to support the workload that high data experiences / events / locations / beings...place on data processing capacities.

I feel pain in my heart..when I see her anemic and starved for nutrients..... .

Yea, a body in her body chain / chain of bodies is having grave issues acquiring vital minerals, nutrients, and energy.
Tags: gold, iridium, nanotherapy project, nutrition for magic based beings, platinum, silver, starry maiden
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