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I Guess That Was What It Was..........

Seems like an *extended* length contact event took place moments ago.

Thing is, subanime was witnessed during about the whole thing.......so I am going to hold up doing a heavily detailed writeup.

Seems I might have made contact with Starry Maiden, but noted a 'Z*ndaya' 'like' 'form'.....'grafted' at my perception of her.

We...(???) may have tried illustrating together for a while (guitars and the like)...., having much fun and an enjoyable time together. But as we were having fun and getting along, a phantasm dude materialized and started surgically striking (!!!) and punching at the lower body (????) of the person I was with...... . Maybe I heard at the subanime graft complaining about already having 'bad' 'cramps' due to 'monthly' 'issues'? (*Shivers*). Some kind a massive energy storm, possibly of a defensive basis (on behalf of either of our parts or even both), took place about then. After that though, some mind / brain surge seemingly took place for the aforementioned mystery person (which I coukd feel and sense from even a distance)....and (!?!) a black expanse event happened for a bit.

I commented about the brain surge which I sensed, and that as I also heard a multiple voice pattern to the surging individual's speech. Too I asked...if the person "awakened" their dormant brain capacities...and now could see life objectively..... .

For a time...during said surge, seems I noted a hybrid animesque subanime Caucasian 'blonde' 'grafted' (*sighs at subanime as a whole*) at the person...., and the subject matter of gardening / making a garden (!!!) came up. Was Starry Maiden replying to yesterday's post???? I ask, because whoever I spoke with was very familiar at the fact that I take algae....as well as my lifestyle.

I dunno what it means, but after talking about gardening, I was asked excitedly by somebody (???) to say a line about a deep blue sea or something (!!??!!?!). Some rhyme or limerick thingy. Was it a fluid world manipulation and synchronization test (*felt a caress to my hair, and heard the word "right~!" said*)??? I said the words, well, some that could remember, word like "I love the deep blue sea"...., and as I did (!!!) I was plunged into ocean depths from a midair vantage point. The entire setting transformed to a midday ocean setting. Lol. I flew into the air after that, had fun diving into the water....and the like.

Something went on with the person I was with for a couple moments though. What was that bit about noting a screen pop up, and noting a 'new' 'dark' '/' 'fighting' 'type' 'Pokemon' 'grafted' 'at' her (or me) (*cringes*).

Things shifted again soon after..to some arcade-like place. The individual from before (???! wanted to spend more time with me, and even though I was back to noting the 'Z*ndaya' 'like' 'graft' again, I could still sense / observe (???).....for a split-instant....what seemed to be the person "looking up" to me for leadership and guidance (???????....). Yea something no 'inherently' 'rebellious' 'and' 'solipsistic' subanime mortal XX chromosome type is supposed to even be capable of (humility....in other words) (humble...trust....in other words) (re...reverence.....in other words)....... .

I, possibly we, checked at some sort of 'dinosaur' 'outbreak' after that.... .

K. That was just a general recap.

I hope beyond anime events are to come. 'Subanime' 'contaminates' at sensory information...of a mental, spiritual, and emotional level. There is no way to even really work with 'the' 'stuff'. 'It's' 'poison'. 'Raw' 'evil'.......... . From sight, to sound, to smell (*groans*), I note and have noted 'subanime'...'warp' 'at' them all.......... . Yea. 'Anime' 'is' 'terrible', 'but' 'subanime' is the 'worst'.

Maybe if I could address Starry Maiden's data processing strain / anemia / dire nutrition issues...with herbal medicines and G*ld, S*lver, Pl*atinum, Irid**m, and algae.........then we could move on to a point whereby we do not note subanime ever again for / during this trial....... . We need that.......if so.

Data processing ain't 'cheap'. A brain that performs on an certain level.....needs the sustenance / nourishment / nutrition as is required for such a level of performance.
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