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Realtalk Self Analysis Time / What Proves To Me That I Am From The Hyperdimensional Plane.........

I had a sudden idea I will follow through with, but before that I will do a mini report on tonight's events..... .

Finding Starry Maiden....is not easy? Not only due to fluid world issues and witness grafts either. Almost any given night, her hair color, eye color, height, size, and her form state which 'mortals' 'accuse' "age" at.........shifts / can shift. So not only can I witness billions of subanime 'grafts' at her (or myself for that matter) appearance.....during any given event.., but too....I can observe her having any of a multitude of hair and eye colors.....as well as heights and sizes. That said, here is what I remember.

I saw an anime entity...or possibly a beyond anime mystery being....with hair bangs like this......


....., and the hair bangs were pink.... . Her bangs flowed down the sides of her face (*blinks*). A black expanse of some sort was perceived, and I saw the being unclothed....and floating / suspended in beyond subanime and seemingly beyond anime darkness. The being? I mentally called the being "wolf girl" as I remotely viewed her, and too I confirmed that she was not anime level 'Anemone' ('one' I witnessed from time to time in days long past) from that 'icky' 'E*reka' '7' 'anime'. She was quite tall (seemingly in the feminine way of long legs...and not via an excessively long torso / gut), but very girlish / youthful looking all the same.

I tried to interact with her as she seemed to be hovering downward in the dark setting..., but I was either in my starlike form or using another special viewing method.

My breath caught as her descent suddenly held....because (!!!) it was about then that I witnessed an extremely extremely powerful deity entity...leering at her... . I glanced at the arrogant and surly 'behaving' entity....that was...an extremely 'high' anime level deity.... . Dude was clad in 'metallic' 'armor' that featured 'golden' 'patterns', and resting on his side on a cocky manner???

The dude laconically talked down at the pink-haired individual, and threatened 'sealing' at her mind, her abilities, her personality, her mind, her identity, her existence. Suddenly...my view of the wolfy hair bangs child-like lady went dark, but I still witnessed 'Mr. Goldie'..... .

Who..was the being with the pink hair???

Yea. And what kind of powers does that dude in the armor have???


After witnessing at 'Mr. Goldie', stuff was trippy... . Rather than coming back to here, the mountain sanctuary, I found me trying to learn / do triangle jumps around..., up, and down....some kind of Japanese shrine location.....wooden thing....

.... . I guess I noted a 'form' that looked like 'Cloud'...'grafted' at my existence... . But here is where things got trippy. Whilst training, my glance locked on at an 'approaching' and 'calling'.....'figure'. Studying at boisterous figure running and calling at me....., seems like I noted a (*cringe*) solid greenish tinted ghostly....visage that had long hair, and wore a black skirt..and white top.... . I listened at the one calling out...and doing 'crush' 'talk' and such.... . I shook my head.....noting at the '32' 'bit'....ghostly one's 'lovey' 'talk'. Why? Because hyperdimensional events in the past have shown me that the real and hyperdimensional Tifa, and the related blonde.....are the same being.... . Even right now, I have about III.....bodies.....that I can inhabit. An overworld plane phhsical body, a roaming "soul" form body that can interact with the physical world......and go "solid soul mode" for some intervals, and then this mindscape explorer...thoughtform level body which I type with right now.

Lol. What kinda trickery was I witnessing????

As soon as I caught at the strangeness, everything went dark....till I noted even more strangeness. Yea. Such as noting that 'FB' 'messenger' 'demigod' reported at recently..... doing 'cosplay' at the Tifa attire (?!) theme.....and 'attempting' 'seduction' 'at' me (*cringes as recalls at that outdoor subanime staircase scene*) (*shivers*).

(I do not have FB messenger installed right now, but I likely note 'messages' 'waiting'.........).


That mini report went on longer than expected...... .

K. This next part ties in to everything regarding my past behavior, and dual trial matters.

What lets me know I am not one of mankind, and never was? What did I look for in searching for a potential dual trial being within the last II years?

Both questions have the same answer.

Absolute determination and resolve. Immutability


K. Let's backstep a little bit. Me? I did not 'fit' 'in' when I witnessed 1986 / 1987. Noting faker Negro 'payre'nts that had severe problems at reading and writing....., a con man preacher and a con-chick cokehead / druggie......, I did my own thing. Getting astronomy textbooks from libraries, talking about my space engineering plans, and mentioning all the ways I would do astrophysics work (*chuckles as recalls my college era cosmic ray blast forecast...and the consequent event*)......., I observed the weird fake payrents were 'freaked' 'out'. Lol. The faker Negro payrents likely couldn't even state the planets and the order of planets in the solar system...... . Me? I never respected em, I formed any semblance of a bond with 'them'...... . There was no grounds for a bond. And since I never sensed love from 'em anyway, I did not take 'em seriously. And whenever I did get hurt, or had any issues come up, I never cried nor deferred to 'Maw' 'Niggles'..or that mostly absent preacher dude. I never trusted or believed in those 'niggas' (I was never given reason to).

I was ready for college level work since witnessing the 1990's.... . Yea, but then zi noted 'the' 'treatment'. 'Church'. 'Church'. 'Church'. 'Church'. '16' 'hour' 'weekends' 'of' 'solid' 'church'. That was a terrible move. A voice, growing in volume within me, refused at the 'brainwashing'. My core nature did not 'change', and had not 'changed'. My true nature had not been 'silenced'.

Around that point..., a big television got fried....with a visible lightning bolt arc...blasting through the house....., and that during a morning where there was not even a thunderstorm taking place. Preacher dude ain't stick around too long after that.......? Lol.

*Goes and gets the yearbook*.

(*Remembers slipping the answer of "Tasmania" at a 'prototype' 'model' 'Dawn' (that had a 'crush' 'at' me and all my talking about starships even back then).....so that I would note the one 'get' 'geography' 'bowl' 'prizes' (lol)*).

I remember it all............. . And how I always talked about space, and even promised that friends of mine would get starships? (*Cackles*).

I just *KNEW* my dreams would come to pass.......even with all the waiting involved, and that ***DECADES*** ago.


Fast forward to today....... .

I may be about to note an attack or war from an extremely powerful and unknown entity.........('Mr. Goldie').

And I'm not even 'sweating' 'it'.

I'm ready anytime... .


It's not even confidence in myself. Me? I just don't 'give' 'up'. My desire and my resolve to achieve my goals...seem / feel immutable and limitless ...even to me...as I feel them. Yea, and rather than listening to 'bizarre' 'testosterone' / the 'default' 'programming' 'of' 'a' 'dumb' 'Negro' 'brain', and going 'out' tonight to get 'awaiting' 'Caucasian' '*u**y' like a 'guud' 'nigga' 'supposed' 'to' (*recalls that FB messenger deactivation on my part*)......., I'mma be training up in the sanctuary and perhap making a spellsong.....to bolster my defenses for what may be coming next.

Yea. I will not tolerate obstacles at my goals. I am going to find the beyondnanime and true Starry Maiden.

No man, beast, nor god, however powerful and devious.....has ever broken my resolve.

I'll investigate at 'Mr. Goldie'.

Maybe in the process I will find the truth about Starry Maiden...... .

Maybe I note 'Mr. Goldie' (*perceives a pair of floating blue eyes*) created all the ('purposefully') impossibly difficult problems....at the later half of 2016.

Maybe there is still a chance to prove the absolute innocence and honor of the woman I love....... .

Maybe I note the Bible lied, and I will find J*hovah has four forms....'rather' 'than' 'three'; and with the anime one ('more' 'brain' 'power') as equally dangerous as the 'first'.....(that horrendous scale and lifeless abyss serpent).

[Yea. Something is going on, because if trialing Starry Maiden was here with me here in this very realm...and if we *HAD* made contact.....online, she, we, should be a indomitable team fully united at any 'threat'. And that for the sake of our own ***SURVIVAL***. 'Common' 'mortal' 'hecklers' and / or 'weak' 'psychiatric' 'imprisonment' 'and' 'brainwashing' 'gimmicks' 'imposed' 'at' her...'wouldn't' 'stop' nor 'deter' her from reaching me...... . Perhaps I noted the deity entity witnessed today...create a facsimile.....meant to weaken at the bonds of love / fiery resolve / burning determination that art the source of all my abilities..... . (Hence why I will ***ONLY*** believe the realtime spoken words of thigh gap / hips / sacral brains / glowing nails possessing beings from now on, in regard to the past, present, future, and any and all hyperdimensional matters. Real beings free from the 'snakehip' 'mark'....whom...'Jehovah' 'can't' '/' 'couldn't' 'create'). (Yea. Beyond anime beings never lie (hips don't lie) (sacral brains associated with real hips don't 'lie'). Yet I always witness subanime entities 'lie'....). (I will only trust the life history report of Starry Maiden...spoken realtime by her as she is in her beyond anime and true form)].

*Thinks about things*.

Yea. Maybe the proof of a hyperdimensional being's existence, is standing up at, having the *reasons* to stand up at...., any force, any power, and even the strongest 'God(s)' for the sake of beliefs / passion / principles / love / others in need of protection...and that *even* *in* a naked amnesiac state (not remembering own abilities and hyperdimensional status / the chance to survive until after the fact).

(*Takes note that the above...paragraph describes how my initial blue place event happened.....*).

Something no 'cowardly' 'snakehip' 'XX' '/' 'XY' 'chromosome' 'type' with 'Jehovah's' 'mark' ('hiplessness') could / would ever do.

[Whatever her past in this mindscape entailed, the truest test and display of Starry Maiden's character.......would be how she responds at the challenge, the threats, posed by a horrifically powerful 'God'. Maybe that's the truest test of anybody's character. A test that shows what resides in the deepest reaches of their heart].

Yea. Being a hyperdimensional being......really is about more than *just* a look, it's about a being's specific character traits and behavior.

[I do not know how this could apply to me. That said, an ideal trialer.......would have beautiful behavior, and be behaviorally beautiful. An ideal trialer would bring tears to the eyes of those who watch her perform (for their sake even)].

*Remembers the defiant and protective eyes of Starry Maiden seen a couple weeks ago*.

I will watch very closely....as to how Starry Maiden responds at the 'Mr. Goldie' entity. Will she stand up, and defend herself?
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