Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Wow...What A Mood In This Place Today........

*Continues listening to "Bells Of Prayer"....*.

Though it is sunny today locally, I sense an eerie vibe about the realm / planet.

An achy vibe, and very dark in an anemic and hurting kind of way.

If it is because what I said last night, then I do not regret it. I said what had to be said.

And if the " Option A " I mentioned in the last post is / was the case, I want to do another Infiniversal Routing Gem trial again someday....in about IV millenia.....so I can advance my own pace..., witness anime 'worlds'...., and see another aspect (the adventurer's aspect) of the trialing experience.

I'll just see about making a new hyperdimensional hymn today....which will, in any case, give some empathic environment relief.....locally anyway.

Right now.......though, I am kind of perplexed as I think about what just happened........ .

Some kind of remote viewing event took place....whereby I heard a bubbly and high-pitched voice that does not match subanime....'characteristics'. All the while, I took note that some force was making a 'brainwashing' 'gambit' at my mind / memory / perception.....by inferring a 'video' 'game' 'magazine' 'review' at the voice I heard and the visuals I saw..... .

Naw. Some serious event actually and really did take place, an event not even related to any stupid 'gaming' 'magazine'. I saw and heard some kind of major event. I as I listened, via my visual capacities I witnessed (and maybe due to my own data processing issues) a strangely masculine and bony.......'PS4' 'graphics'.....'Nina' 'Wyndia'...

....(*squints*) that was dodging exploding attack projectiles, and about to cast what seemed like an 'ice' or 'wind' 'spell' (that was presented as a anime level handheld bluish glow...). The one had wide bony shoulders, and a very 'unfilled' 'dress'.

(*Recalls at that dragon entity witnessed during my initial Tokyo trip, and wonders.......*).

(*Remembers how I was lovingly greeted (and I thank her for that) by real and true hyperdimensional Nina who was pulsing and overflowing with infinitely sweet and nourishing holy energy....as if she had been up to something very important......beforehand*).

What can I take from the event? I dunno. Maybe it was a guided fluid world event attempt. But if so, fluid world events have been happening repeatedly since 2007......only to revert back. It is as if everything is staying clocked down.....in regard to data levelsmthis realm here...as if I am holding back so I will not give somebody else lasting seizures (whereby their brain is flooded with so much data, said person's straining brain struggles to regulate heartbeat and breathing functions)...... .

If Option A mentioned earlier is real, I am going to need divine intervention, specifically mindwipe assistance for a trialing partner. Was that possibly what I saw about to take place recently......when Starry Maiden was on that carried platform?

Yea. It is time to face reality.

While my own energy levels have been skyrocketing through the decades, this mindscape place slides into deeper and deeper levels of anemia.

If the solo trial was real, the fluid world events would've / should've stuck way back to 2004...... .

Oh, and if Option A is real and a mindwipe happens, then I want the infant / toddler mode Starry Maiden to witness a subanime boy 'grafted' 'at' her (as I did).... . A 'Negro' 'boy'. Why? Because there will not be any of that 'bimbo' 'Caucasian' 'predatory' 'parenting'....done by me. No nonsense about 'feeling' 'pretty' and all that 'utterly' 'rotten' 'bul*****'. No 'teaching' that 'worthless' and 'a*inine' 'nonsense' about 'feeling' 'pretty' 'and' 'self' 'confident' 'in' 'makeup', 'dresses', 'and' 'skirts'. I want to raise her *right*. Whatever form I take following any potential Starry Maiden mindwipe, we would be training in gyms, and honing kickboxing / kung fu / karate / capoeira / ninjutsu / kendo skills..... . I would try to show her that worth is never to be assumed, no, it is to be striven for..... . Eternally striven for. And that regarding anybody, whether they are a farmer, a knight, a musician, a sovereign class being.

I *KNOW* a good and dedicated person resides within Starry Maiden, a valiant and courageous person who would defy at 'evil' 'gods', and I am willing to work with her....in awakening her true potential....however long that may take and however much suffering that may entail for me (*felt my fingernails flash glow with pain*).
Tags: fluid world event results, life goals, life plans, starry maiden
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