Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

The Joys Of Empathy And Telepathy.......

After some "ops" (*cackles*) today...., my abilities clicked into gear.

I had telepathic visions...amidst doing housecleaning, and cooking. Maybe that is due to Ir*dium boosting my multitasking capacities, but it was what it is. Visions that came.....as I remotely explored at the 'deepest' 'recesses' of a 'certain' 'mortal' 'target's' 'brain' '/' 'mind'. I took some notes.

Then just like that some while later, my findings were confirmed.

I have already been exposed locally IRL...in regard to my mind diving and telepathy abilities. Lol. They don't interfere with anything really. I still note public and private dinner invitations, and I still carry on with daily life.

Really, telepathy and empathy, rather than being something freaky and terrible, seem to be vital in living a regular and drama free life. Yesterday, I noted a dude basically thank at me for "saving his marriage"..by revealing (a few weeks back) at what his wife 'REALLY' 'wanted' 'for' 'Valentines'....(*grimaces*). (I don't get and never will understand his Caucasian wife's 'now' 'admitted' relentless 'instinctual' 'cravings' for 'brutal' 'bdsm'......., but 'it' 'ain't' my business).

Me? I love empathy and telepathy.

I get to taste dreams, taste prayers, smell hopes, taste wishes. Guess that is why I love praying people, and people capable of prayer.

I never knew I could and would use the abilities to instantly find at 'mortals'' 'kinks'.

Wish I could find somebody who could explore my mind and see / smell / taste my dreams..., my prayers, my wishes, my hopes...... .

Lol. Hope I (*grimaces*) do not have 'kinks'... . I'll admit I like seeing well dressed women though...(*coughs*) (*coughs*) =^_^= ~~~~........ . Healthy and humble-hearted hyperdimensional women who are confident in our people / our homeland, and glowing with radiant vitality.
Tags: data processing, empathy, special abilities, telepathy
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