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A Mountain Of Food...... / Lifestyle Plans Announcement

(That bass and beat...tho).


While I am tempted to call this week a staycation week, and that due to all the food I scored today....




...(including III import pizzas), I wanna try to keep my head / wits about me..and keep cooking every day. That, as well as maintaining my G*ld, Pl*tinum, Ir*dium, S*lver, algae, and Nootropics regiments.

Cooking every day keeps me on my toes, and keeps me noting this Negro dude's 'waistline' 'taut'. I have over 20lbs of taters, and lots of onions, carrots, and celery. Think I am going to get back into bodybuilding kinda heavy...as to prep for my next Japan trip =^_~= =^_^=.

The way my herbal potions have worked magic, 270lb with under 10% body fat for Mr. Niggy is doable by autumn.

Oh. There is an announcement I gotta make. Yea, rather than doing another trip to Japan this autumn, I'm getting heavy lapidary machinery later (a c*bochon machine) this year, and that because I'm likely going to note a company with J. Yea. Time to see about expatriation, and setting up a jewelry company in Japan (case the ship takes that long to come back).

Why? Because that trip did a lot for me. It proved my point....that I only noted ghetto payrents, ghetto Negroes, and haters...'holding' 'back' 'at' my life progress during my pre-mining days.. . Me? I thrived overseas. Yea. 'America' 'don't' even fit my personality...and lifestyle. Only reason I would ever want to come back here, is just for seasonal mining...in this specific locale.

J, the Caucasian male dude with all the 4x4 truck gear and 'local' 'm*ning' 'access' 'connections', wants to go into a joint ownership business?

Too, a dude that already '*HAS*' 'ownership' at an actual local mine wants in on some international action too. Yea, a / the dude that gave a machinery shop tour (*swoons as recalls that c*bbing machine and all those R*bies and Sapphires*) at me. A dude that makes a whole lotta money....'diggin' at the same spots / areas I mine regularly round here.

So me? I need to get working on my language skills, hence too, why I got all that "brain food" ^_^.

Yea, that, and preparing for that lapidary machine.

I'll be making my own super energized jewelry soon, and I'll give talismans and treasures to my friends for free.

Lot of fun things coming in the times ahead =^_^=.

I give thanks to the beings who have supported me in my quest, and made / make this lifestyle possible.
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