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Midnight Snack Of The Ages / Pizza Report / Free G*ld Offer

I had quite a midnight snack last night :P.

Yea. Deep dish pan cookie with milk, and then, after a while, an import pizza.....of the IV cheese type.

The pizza was wild. Woa.

Savoring the crust and the texture....was like savoring art. If I had known the crust was going to be like *that*, I would have gotten VI more.

I've looked for pizza like that, frozen pizza like that, all of my life here. Wow even....... .

I give thanks for the chance to snack like I need =^_^=.

(I gulped down a pot of raw algae and water before the experience btw. I haven't forgotten my heart / health needs).


Think I am going to take today to play some spellsongs...after sweeping / mopping the kitchen.

I need to cherge myself up with hyperdimensional anthems to prepare for what may be coming. Perhaps I will make a recording, perhaps not.


I decided to go ahead and act on the information present in the last post. Though I am definitely not saying K is a trialer, K and the BG author have / had a lot of 'similarities'. Amazon gift cards can be acquired locally, and the codes posted online. Me? Think I want to study at K's power level reactions / etc......at c*lloidal G*ld.

Looks like real brains are meant to be saturated with n*noscopic particles of G*ld, Pl*tinum, S*lver, and Ir*dium to boost data processing flows..and provide support for signal tranmissions thst traverse the brain.


I do not agree with 'science' about the 'cited' '20%' 'increase'. Data processing skyrockets for a G*ld supplement intaking anemic hyperdimensional being....whose body has halted naturally making / making the necessary amounts of G*ld, Pl*tinum, Ir*dium, and S*lver.

Yea. A lesson I have learned is to never underestimate what keen mental faculties paired with knowledge can do for you. If I knew what I know now II autumn seasons ago, and just kept my mouth shut...and noted a 200$ Amazon giftcard code via Skype at or to F*nrisSt*r........for small bottles of Ir*dium, Pl*tinum, S*lver, and G*ld, my Starry Maiden / dual trialer questions likely would have been answered (either way)...... . (Answered by fluid world performance values......, or possibly even permanent worldwide effects (*recalls my generated hypercanes*)).

This me now, mentally, can run circles around the mental performance of that me of II years prior...... .

Yea. Nanoth*rapy works. A girl's brain is supposed to naturally be flooded by precious metal n*noparticles produced naturally by her own body. (How much / what concentration of said nan*p*rticles....though.....I wonder).

Yea. Guess I slipped up II years ago, and ***BIGTIME***. But with the mental faculties I had back then, I did all I could.......with what I had. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with shame.....*).

(*Gazes to the pastoral view from the front window and sighs*).

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