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Time For Another Research Project...

Seems I note K is ready and possibly excited at some colloidal G*ld supplementation, so I am about to send an Amazon gift card code.

Hmmmmmmmm.......... .



Not sure what it means, but as I was standing to the card rack in the store, noted some old Caucasian dude...familiar at my maintained yard / house...offering a yardwork job for some cash at me. I'm tied up lately, but since J and Aves do yardwork, I noted dude have J's phone number.

Me? I don't hate K. Never did really. Me? I'm doing this for detached and objective research purposes..... . It's time to put the ways of the past behind me..... . I had my chance to test the solo trial theory by way of that Japan trip.

Whoever is the wolfy Starry Maiden...and wherever she is, I will find her, and sponsor her recovery efforts. The same goes for any hyperdimensional being. This offer at K, too, will show my willingness to back my words with action.
Tags: gold, nanotherapy project
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