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I Love Guitar.... / My Life Feels Complete / What Is Zen? Is this Zen?

Playing all that slide-y guitar got me feeling chill....(*looked to my right as felt an unexpected touch from a mysterious presence or an energy wave to me right hip *). (*Feels a caress to my hair, so guess the prior was a touch*)..... .

Know what? Lol. I don't even know why I am still here....on this mindscape planet.

I really don't~~......... .

Why? Because I'm in peace. I done answered so many of my questions. I'm satisfied with life. Content. Don't even want to prove anything to mankind. Don't even wanna 'destroy' 'em' really (*feels my fingernails glowing*).

Yea =^_^=. I got my whole life ahead of me...... .

Maybe the solo trial still has a ch...chance somehow? Why do I say that? Because I feel free from 'hatred'.......(*feels my fingernails glowing*). I'm not even 'angry'..(*felt my stomach hop in a startled manner*).

Me? I just feel full of peace...... . Have I ever felt like this before?

Yea. Glowing with peace. Relaxed peace.

If the dual trial is real, and there is a dual part Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem, I wonder if I can transfer the half within me.....to the other trialer? (*Feels my fingernails glowing with intrigue*).

I'm so...feeling over with this trialing thing right now~~~......... .

If there is another trialer, and if the option proposed last week is true and......the other trialer is *THAT* far behind, what will / would me being here right now do......? Would I not have more options to comfort the trialer from the other side (lol...like rubbing her ears lovingly from the overworld whilst she continues suffering on in here???).

I need to keep my options open.
Tags: heaven on earth right here right now, house of guitars, inner peace
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