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Popping Holes In Clouds.......

I went to the next county over today, and got into the water / streams / river early to get some work done.

Remember these?


I probably got double or triple the amount shown in that dish.....in just today's trip. (Prolly note 80,000$ priced at the contents of the above dish, since I noted 2,000$ offered at just a little travel baggie I had last year).

Lol. J watched at me making a quasi-permanent hole in the sky overhead, a hole in the thick layer of clouds directly over my head?

All the energy on the site had him stumbling a bit (*chuckles*)?

I love these times =^_^=. Aside from talking about my true form, I just get to be myself. Yea. I even talked about fluid world abilities, and how I can make what I want appear in the ground over a season.

Yea. J was freaked out at first. Dude easily found at an amount that could instantly fetch him 7,000$ (more overseas). Dude said he almost had a heart attack bout today's finds.

Me? I'm kinda ready to get back on that plane, and next time, I'll note J come along on the trip.

(*Notices a sensation in my heart*). Guess I need to go take my Nootropics / heart herbal blend, as well as my Platinum and Iridium......since today was so intense.


Update: I held mentioning itnas I wrote the above, but figure I will write it now.

I had a quake vision and / or fluud world event moments ago, and it was ***VERY*** intense. Before it happened, I was spectating at a strange 'household'. A subanime Mulatto....boy that would called a 2nd grader perhaps or less (that also looked like a subanime version of the B**ndocks thuglet), stared blankly at my direction whilst seated in a big recliner? 'Something' was off with him though, cause he had wicked tattoos that were very detailed, like that of a shaded rose on his left arm.

Some poor seeming but 'jolly' Caucasian dude greeted at me (*blinks*) as he walked on by. A dude that acted all familiar at me.

I hung about, not sure what was going on, when I detected at a strange power approaching. A subanime hottie class XX chromosome type, short, and with shoulder length hair that alternated from brown to reddish, was showing off a new checkered dress that might have been goth style.

Showing it to some dude, and spinning about?

Just as I was about to go, a black expanse field manifested a bit, and an ***INTENSE*** earthquake touched down, a quake that grew and grew in intensity.

A guess a full black expanse happened after that, and I found myself backing away from some Negro in a flight attendant attire that kept on finger poking (*cringes*) / grabbing at the sacral brain area of my right side / waist / back.

Glad I didn't punch the strange one out (lol). I used space manipulation to move myself far far away.
Tags: mindscape, mining training, special abilities
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