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Yesterday Was Just Awesome / I Love Empathy And Empathic Projection / Mortality Level(s)

Yesterday was pretty awesome, and that in the terms of field research opportunities =^_^=.

Aside from the "curveball"...that was me noting Aves....(!?!?!!) strangely / randomly talkin bout him having a car that would / could make it Texas...(*recalls at K for a moment*) (what is with him randomly 'clairovoyant' bout the 'wolfies'???)..., things went incredibly smooth.

Yea. Dude pulled up at the house with a "new car"?

I noted an invitation to ride on a voyage to Ash*ville.

My abilities clicked into overdrive to the mall location? Yea, with the jewelry shops acting as receivers for the hyperdimensional energy streams that flooded the location.

While anemic initially, soon...the place felt alive...with energy, with hyperdimensional energy currents summoned by me.

(*Facepalms*). Aves and his spouse got all 'grabby' even in public, and I also kept observed at 'interested'.....'hottie' 'class' 'XX' 'chromosome' 'types' gazing down at me.

I observed at Aves do a "treating to lunch" at me.....(but I refused at his offer to buy a guitar delay pedal).

A sanctuary field was firmly established in the mall. Twas like a party time =^_^=.

But the effect skyrocketed as I observed at the 'Spencer's' 'store'. I smelled at a netherwordly stench as I examined at the 'store'. Joint was gross, and had 'Spin The Shot' 'games' and the like just past the entrance.

Actually, for some reason, I detected at a certain someone's power / mortal level (not K) as I walked about. I even had a vision event where I saw at 'visuals' of a certain someone.

Continuing further, I got squeamish as I gazed at a wall full of "stuff". I had never seen at 'sexual' 'paraphernalia' IRL. I was not impressed.... .

Some kind of eerie pulsing sensation overtook me, and I, realtime, sensed that I was simultaneously and literally looking down at the 'mortal' 'plane' from some sanctuary zone that has no death, no injuries, no birth, and only paradise. Yea, and I felt pity at mankind. Too, I felt pity at the BG author, because all the chains / b*ndage gear....and 'size' '4ish' 'outfits' seemed so on 'their' 'level' as if it all was specifically made for 'em.

I was not inpressed with the store, and no..."memories" of Goddess class hyperdimensional beings, lovely hyperdimensional women, were even stirred by the 'paraphernalia'.

Such a lack at 'energy', so '1D' '/' '2D'. So 'empty' and 'boring'..... . I actually asked at Aves wife if I was *supposed* to be aroused....as I gazed at the 's*x' 'outfits'.... . (His wife just blushed). Then I released a wave of energy (*facepalms*) that (*shakes my head*) dude and his wife had a...reaction at lol. The pair seemed "transfixed", " shaken", and 'REALLY' ready to go "somewhere"...with 'no' 'need' for lame storebought gimmicks O_O.

The adventure continued to a jewelry shop. My energy fields kept building and building.

But when his Ave's wife mentioned being zapped / going numb, I dialed the fields / energy emissions back........ .

Yea. I was on another plane mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and that startled me. My empathy, my telepathy, and all my senses confirmed it. My energy and emotions could reach at mankind, yes, but not vice versa. Hence I coined a new term on the spot, .........the term " 'mortal' 'level' ".....


I really am not 'mortal'. All I had to do was walk through a mall with my n*notherapoy boosted abilities to confirm it.... . Whilst able to study in the field at mankind, and even able to thrive and have a good time, the whole time I existed somewhere else. Somewhere Ave's and his wife could not go nor see (but sure got 'aroused' 'at').

What makes me worry tho, is J, Aves, Aves' wife, and so many locals 'getting' a 'rough' 'idea' 'at' the fact that I am not a 'mortal'.
Tags: empathic projection, empathy, life is awesome, life lessons, nanotherapy project, nanotherapy results, studying at mankind, studying at mortals, telepathy, wings of love ability
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