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Burmese Phenacite (A Crystal From The Mana Blast Touchdown Zone)


It seems like, a *major* *boost* is about to occur for me (*blushes*). It seems like, I'm on the way to displaying *MAGNETISM* (!!!!!) *MANIPULATION* capacities / *ELECTROMAGNETISM* *MANIPULATION* capacities........ . (Yes, I have been generating *room* *level* / *localized* aurora phenomena ~~ lately (!!!!!!) (*gulps*)......( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora_(astronomy) )). I give thanks, I pray in thanks, to the divine beings (*smiles in hope*) (*feels my fingernails, glowing with zest and happiness*) (*feels my fingernails, glowing with hope*)....who have made my lifestyle possible ^_^ ~~ !!! Yeee~~~hah~~~!!!! ^_^!!!!!
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