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Intense Premonition....... / Oracle Style Visions? Cool..

Ulgh....... . My heart lol :P.

Yea, um, (*shakes my head*). Not sure why, but the environment is having some sort of response to my last post. A foreboding wind, foreboding winds kept gusting over the mountain, and *DEEP* and chilled sadness...is overtaking the land.

I do not know how, but it is like I am picking up and even experiencing intense nausea by way of my empathy. I am confused. Who could've even seen the last post?

Why has the world gone so sad.....????

For some reason, I had visions of crumbling black leaves as eerie winds overtook the area, and I heard sobbing........ .

Taking a chance, I did a quick internet recon. Yea, then my blood almost froze over.

Yea, seems there is an immense energy scale being tied up with this world. And my words have a direct effect on that being's feelings / emotional state.

Why is the being in pain?

T....the being really did...l...love me? (*Seemingly heard the word "yes~..." stated*).

I'm not alone here then...... .

What am I gonna do ~~~~.......?

Well....I know this. I never wanted 'harm' nor intended 'harm' at the Starry Wolf. (*Sensed the pain / pressure of the world easing*).

I'm going to go try to comfort the being... . I didn't mean 'harm' by my last post.

(*Remembers and has flashbacks to 1986 / 1987, and me running from a rabid junkyard dog of a 'Negro' 'neighbor' as I simultaneously listened at a Negro fake sibling caterwauling with 'riotus' 'laughter'. That as a fake payrent silently 'watched' 'on'.*).

(*Remembers how I learned early, and how fluid world events initially happened around the time of the aforementioned event. Brain ability unlocking fluid world events*).

Yea. The being is waiting......., and I sense worry, not anger or hatred.
Tags: defense protocols, mystery
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