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Dawn Of Mana / I Saw Mana Fields Today....

An unprecedented event took place today.

Me? I am not going to claim it to be linked to K...because another unprecedented event took place yesterday, an event I did not report online (*blinks*). Indeed, a mysterious event where I woke to see the face of a softly blinking hyperdimensional being....whose opinion of me was not (!!!) changed by the fact that I am not actually a 6'3 Negro male.

Today I spent later part of the day gathering...and dropping...and gathering again..as many reds as I could pick from the clumpy wet sand. Yea. I was in the workshop.

What had me doing that?

The fact that I ***SAW*** ***MANA*** today.

Earlier today, much earlier today, this entire plane had to be "reset" again...in a "load saved file" kind of fashion (!!!) during / after a particularly intense fluid world event. This whole mountain area was teeming with rivers of lava, and plumes of volcanic smoke..as well as the smoke from burning trees....rose high into the air.

For some of the events, I noted the "church shuttle" of a 'local' 'pastor', yea, and too I noted the dude looking at me with wide (as subanime ones get) and hopeless eyes. Guess I observed the van headed to the old m*ning park area.

The fires were of a *MUCH* *MUCh* larger scale than late 2016 / early 2017, but unlike then, I ***SAW*** what looked like *RED* *TRANSPARENT* *FIELDS*....that swept and hopped across the landscape, and wherever those fields touched, *BURST* *INTO* *FIRE*... . (*Recalls that IRL fire event from 2014*). Yea, but all the same, other areas were covered by what seemed to be *BLUE* *TRANSPARENT* *FIELDS*....., and whether those were of ice, water, or wind.....the fires *did* *not* *go* where those fields were.

The very ground, the very earth was melting and shifting.

*NOW*....I know how those fires took place a couple autumns / winters ago. Now I know how those droughts took place too. Not sure what triggered it, not sure why the data processing necessary to
see mana decided to come on today, but I saw it.

This is important for me because....if I can harness and manipulate mana, then I can use wind mana to fly, use light / gravity mana for armor, and use fire mana....to slice open storage vaults and safes. Yea, and from there, I would search the world for Starry Maiden by way of locating / seeing her leaking mana. Lol. I would scoop Starry Maiden up =^_^=...., and that wherever she is.


Another fluid world event involved my bedroom....here (*blinks*). I am not sure if it happened before or after the above event.... . Maybe before...it. Initially I had been hovering about the room and observing my sleeping form below, but (!!!) I heard (???) a voice.

Was it a feminine voice? Or a pair of feminine voices? I landed back to my body here, and searched the bed frantically...wondering if I had left a recorder (!?!?!?!) playing. Umm...my mind / brain was having issues functioning.

The voice, voices, clearly sounded like.....what 'supposed' 'VA' 'dubs' of 'J*d' 'Saxt*n' and 'Br*nn' '******'.....'sound' 'like'. When I tried to speak in response, I *DEFINITELY* did not hear a 'Negro' 'male' (!!??!!). Had I actually been hearing my own true voice all along or something? Or was somebody else present? What was happening? I already *KNOW* something is going on internally (*coughs*)...in regard to all these fluid world events, but I wonder how much longer I will note a subanime Negro ma!e? Not really *ANY* perks to an 'anime' 'XX' 'chromosome' 'type' 'body' for me (*inhales and sighs*), but I guess I could have fun with hair styling / color options.


For the next part, I saw stuff I struggle to put into words. Yea. Incredibly advanced futuristic metropolis cityscapes that were beyond anime, and what seemed like some sort of medical center. Was it the hyperdimensional overworld?

A catatonic figure was on a medical table, and a.....coat wearing figure....who *may* (???) be the being that anime 'Washuu' is / was based at, seemed to be overseeing some medical process whilst referring to low neurological data processing capacities...for whoever was on that table. Some kind of machine was facing down over the head of the catatonic person.

Maybe, after watching for a while, I prepared to dive into the head / mindscape of the catatonic person. I think I might have spectated at some fighting 'machine' 'god' 'entities' (one was 'sparkling' 'metallic' 'white')....about that time. I dunno. I was disoriented through the whole thing.
Tags: elemental mana, fluid world event, mana, mystery, nanotherapy project, research
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