Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Dinner Invitation Today / I'm So Transformed Since Prior Years.......

I was attempting to peruse through my thousands of data mining screenshots over the years when I noted J call. Hmmm? Chinese buffet family dinner invitation? Free food? Ok.

After noting dinner, l*pidary plans were discussed. I am going to get a diffraction spectrometer tomorrow as a means to reliably identify Clear S*pphires in the field, and in the II workshops of the house.


When I got back to the house to peruse screenshots from my data mining compendium, I took notice of something... .

I really am very transformed from the state of identity and status I had II years ago. It's like I'm a new person in a lot of ways.

I don't think it's about living in a house now. My nan*therapy, my m*ning training, and even my trip to Japan hath brought my true self forward.

That's why I get so confused as to why I am still here...... .

Why am I still here? What am I supposed to do for me to move on?

Hahahahaha! I'm still in shock about the Japan trip results.


Yea.... . I still wanna see some pretty beyond anime women =^_^=. Well dressed, mentally healthy, and prosperous women. Hmmmmmmm....... . (*Inhales and sighs*). But I need to face day to day facts?

I'll just work on the "expatriation plan".... .

I'm just confused though. I thought destiny and me was tight. Reality ***always*** gave me what I needed before... . Visions. Abilities. Exactly everything I always needed when I needed it. Don't know why everything is standing still now.

I did not come all this way to just sit back, drink sports drinks, play guitar on a riverfront mountain property, and mine rare g*mstones by the handful daily. I was supposed to soar into the heavens...... .

What am I supposed to do here? How am I supposed to even fall in love or anything like that here? I'm not unhappy, I'm just confused. Too, I wanna see some cute women. I'm not interested in 'J*rdie'. Just because I am celibate, doesn't mean I do not *WANT* to *WANT* to have a girlfriend. Yea. Where the nice women?
Tags: questions, waiting on a surge event
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