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Witnessing An Extremely Strange Scenario....

Sort of went to bed early some ways past midnight.

What happened after that was like my some sort of nausea accompanied....rolling series of fluid world events.

During an event, I noticed a teen dude from an old 'church'....show up. I was kinda upset at how he showed signs of acting thugged out (like a gangster) a bit. Dude asked what had been taking me so long to achieve my goals? When I sighed, full of dread, and admitted that it looks like I might share this mindscape with another person, a girl, I (!!!) observed at him start hissing and claiming she...'was' 'the' 'devil' (*blinks*).

Soon everything shifted, and I found myself witnessing some strange and dreary 'town' '/' 'city'. Not sure why, but something was going on with my brain function, as if it was being downclocked (!?!?!?!).

I felt woozy, struggled to track my own very slowed down thoughts, and struggled to even keep track of my surroundings in general.

I sat, confused, in some sort of vehicle. And gazing to my right, I soon noted an unknown Negro male that seemed to be intoxicated and / or acting impaired.

Trying to think, strategize, or even assess my environment was like trying to walk / slog through thick and calf height mud in a swamp. I'm not sure why, but the main worry seemed to be noting the threat of 'homelessness'. What was happening to my mind???

[As I type this post, I am noticing a "theme" revealed (oh no...) (*noticed blue glowing eyes in my field of vision*)].

Some point, I noticed the (!?!) bony Negro dude (*groans*) (*heard the wall creak*) in only (*feels nauseous*) 'boxers'...'climb' at my lap and lean his face in at mine in an 'interested' 'way'. Unh unh, by sheer instinct, reflexive repulsion at males, I did a telekinetic wave paired with a reality manipulation blast to make immediate distance for myself. I stared at the guy on the ground of what seemed to be a green field, and fire rose up in the area...... .

I'm not sure what happened next, but seems (?!?) a being, maybe beings, showed up to try to help calm me down. I did calm down, but in that downclocked mental state was utterly confused and not even sure why fire had rose up in the area. When I sped up my thought processes to regular levels, I found myself in my (!?!) bedroom setting to the mountain sanctuary house again.


Now (and only just now) that I have written the above, and now that I recall information revealed to me by my empathy, I *think* I may have witnessed the BG author in a Negro male state...??? But how??????

Not only that, and I shiver to think, but....(*shakes my head*) did I note the results of a mind meld / mental synchronization attempt.....???? Did I observe proof that I am purposefully downclocking my abilities and *NOT* reassembling this mindscape to my specific (futuristic) specs.....all for the sake of another???

I don't know how to say this, but when it warms up, like in May, I need to see if there is any way to send Amazon gift code cards online...at the BH author. Yea, and that for a gallon of G*ld to drink.


Why? I dunno. Objectivity oriented / aimed testing purposes? (*Gulps*).


Me? I'm kinda in shock right now....... . But you know what hurts right now? I don't know if it is guilt or what, but, ba....(btw I am not saying necessarily think F*nrisS**r is a trialer) back a couple autumn seasons ago, I actually took note of the brain waves, the performance.., of a certain (???) online presence either synchronizing to....or at...*my* *own* brain waves.....thus causing said presence to seemingly "glow with recovery" and "heal".

(*Groans in pain and clutches my head*).

(*Recalls that hyperdimensional Dawn with the frozen so...seemingly frozen soul / heart / mind...encountered yesterday*).

(*Paused for a long time*).

Yea. Not sure if this happened before. I do not even know what to write next. Me? I should *not* be falling in love with, and all tearful inside over a subanime mortal (the BG author). Why am I feeling so much guilt???

I can get that I have taken Dawn's wellbeing onto myself as a responsibility. It's just, if Dawn was trialing with me in this very world right here right now.......(*shakes my head*)..... .

I...I have never had problems accepting reality before. I do not know if I could or should be expected to believe my precious, gentle, and sweet Dawn....is......./ was the BG author.

(*Thinks about the Japan trip*).

But in an effort to not be the kind of hypocrite and stereotypical type of mortal I used to get so upset at, I am willing to try to see things objectively....and send Amazon giftcard codes for G*ld, as well as attempt civil (and non-personal) conversation. The G*ld offer would be part of an objective means of testing.... .
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