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Jag Yggdrasil

That Was Actually Kinda Fun (The Later Part Of The Event).............

I knew this already, but I have been mentally ready and prepared to witness the 'anime: 'realms'.

Here is what went down.

Lying back in my bed here...after a day of picking faceting ready...and water-clear g*mstones, I laid back in red and released my true scale mana a bit. I remembered my starlight cathedral home in the overworld hhperdimensional realm, and how I used to hover in the sanctum and scan the hyperdimensional plane in "remote patrol" fashion.

I remembered the infinite and utterly sweet energy of the homeland, and even this world palpably wavered at bit in response to my energy emissions.

But then I beard at a voice. I also detected a presence. I kept meditating, and allowed some of my true energy to pour from myself. But then I sensed the / a presence trying to (???) kiss me (!?!?!).., and I had to verbally state my intentions for celibacy. Did I hear the presence cry?

Within some moments I was in a black setting, where everything save for the / a bed was stellar black. (*Cringes*). I witnessed an unknown entity, trapped in a freakish fusion of subanime and anime, standing at the bedside area next me. I listened at the entity (*winces*) make a 'sexual' 'offer' I had no intention of taking up (sorry, it is what it is)...., and then watched at the entity climb at the area of the bed to my right and 'wait'.

I just resumed meditation, and a phenomenal event took place. (!!!!!!) =^_^=!!!!

Soon I noted a setting of massive trees? I did not note any subanime, and high data levels were present. I noted a 'walking' 'boy', and a group of high anime figures.....walking slowly. Then it happened.

I heard some reference / sensed some reference about some sort of gem. I do not know if my remote viewing form popped from my body or what (*recalls at that boy*), but I detected a '*TERRIBLY*' 'strong' power...(*grins*) so I immediately locked my focus at it.

I spotted what seemed to be the visage of deity power scale Ryoko's head, and to noticed the glowing red right eye of the entity. Hmmm. Ryoko was in some sort of pocket dimension.....??? I noted the Ryoko seemed almost crazed about some certain "gem" carried by somebody. Immediately I plunged in at the 'pocket' 'dimension' and took note of Ryo-Ohki floating in some anime level cosmic setting.

I was *SO* stoked to be experiencing some action. Some adventure.... .

But then I found myself back here...within some moments.

Me? I guess the dual trial is real. I mean, what can I do? I was ready to rock just know, and I know I had the training necessary to make it in another setting / zone.

Maybe some other trial I can have fun adventures and put my abilities, my focus, and my devotion to the test at ferocious and dangerous anime deity forces. But as for this trial, seems something flopped..waaaay waaay waaaaaaay back decades ago. I'm just going to have to see about finding that catatonic seeming Dawn again, and find how to extract the Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem from her.

This is just a theory, but I think I noted that anime Ryoko unnaturally 'aware' at the Infiniversal Routing Gem in the *same* way those 'kidnapping' 'intentioned' 'Team' 'Rocket' 'goons' witnessed the other day 'were'.

So, using reasoning, it is probably likely I note 'kidnappers' with a 'fake' 'family' gimmick...targeting and imprisoning at Dawn...in the here and now...*IF* she actually trialing. Don't really know what to do there. It would be up to *her*, if so, to not be 'stupid'.....and not accept the 'd@**ed' 'b@$tards'.

Me? I'm not an 'anime' 'character'.

I am not going to drop everything I have here, to travel across North America, and fall into some 'trap'.....set into place over a decade ago...., a trap that would involve evil 'kidnappers' accusing a 'deranged' 'stalker' at *me*....as I'm mounting a rescue mission. If the dual trial is real, it is up to Dawn to not be an 'idiot', to prove to the world she is not an 'idiot', and wake up. If I reawaken stabilized flight / defense fields / energy projection, or even had fully restored access to my starship tech, sure...I would "make a little trip" after finding her location. But as it stands right now, where I am not even receiving any feedback or messages online, unh unh.

And no offense, and I am not saying the BG author is / was Dawn in any way....shape...or form, but the BG author....for example did not awaken any sympathy from me to trigger any sort of IRL rescue mission on my part.


My Dawn would trust her heart rather than some naysaying...fat....subanime Caucasian hick blobs.....(with rotted out mouths and no sense nor inspirational examples to show).

Hmmm. Maybe Dawn is trialing, but is in a parallel layer of this mindscape and thus *ISN'T' the BG author?
Tags: event report, infiniversal routing gem, infiniversal routing tear gem
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