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The Mysterious Reality Manipulating Wolfy Girl Returns.......

So today, whether it was a dimension diving event or fluid world event, I kept wit essing annoying subanime gack...... .

(*Recalls possibly sitting beside N*na for a while......*).

I am going to skip way ahead to just cover what just happened.

So I found myself on a motorized bike....and somehow noting 'Sw*nsboro'.

While the motorized bike was very light, it was very very fast.

Seems, initially, I may have noted two apparitions inferred as 'riding' 'backseat' at the bike which I steered / controlled.

Well, within moments, the whole setting transformed..... . I observed a subanime and very precipitous / steep path.....or even road...that was atop and linked through some range of mountains.

Since I did not know how to work the rear brakes of the bike, and only ussed the brakes of the front wheel, I had my hands full trying to maintain control of the bike....as I found myself going down very steep slopes that also featured intense curves (which required drifting basically).

Lol. A suicidal seeming dude on a dirtbike...., a dude I passed at some point, did a leaping corckscrew type move on a rocky ledge that gave way to a deop more than 500ft? Even though I watched him 'land', I was not baited into doing the same kind of stunts.

Eventually i made it to what seemed like a closed station / structure type setup that blocked further road access...... .

Dismounting from the bike, and studying the sandstone colored structure before me, I gasped with concern (!!!!!) as I saw a collapsed and petite little being lying on the concrete. I could just *SENSE* the being needed help, and urgently.

I ran to the collapsed being...and (!!!) recoiled in shock a bit...as I confirmed...the being..


is / was the Starry Maiden being seen a couple months ago. The being had silvery bluish to bluish white hair which featured prongs, and seems she was wearing a light colored blouse, a whitish to bluish tiered skirt, and sandals. She was very petite, and a (!?!) visible aura field of cosmic energy / cosmic light..., light that seemed to bespeak of urgency and emit a vibe of urgency, was given forth from her. The light began to dim somewhat.....with time. Was she even breathing?

Immediately I considered calling for an ambulance, but I had a feeling a mobile phone would not connect where I was. Then I considered taking her to a hospital on foot or even flying her to a hospital myself.

It was urgent, the situation was dire for her health. Her vitals were dropping, ad even the aura field around her dimmed.

So I reached down, and cradled up her prone and super still little form into my arms. That was when it happened. As I..as cradled her, (*shakes my head*).., it felt like she was "mine". The being (*squints*) *wanted* and *sought* contact with me.... . Lifting the very petite and light...being into my arms, and standing up, I actually saw the being stir some...for an initial time, and maybe even audibly exhale (!!!) and mumble a struggling vocalization.

I was *relieved* to see her condition somehow stabilizing (*feels my fingernails glowing with relief*), and I give thanks now for that chance. Whew (*exhales with relief*).

Yea. The being was *NOT* anime, nor subanime. Her energy was just far too great in scale and scope.

I think the being was, even had to have been, the same catatonic seeming Dawn I saw the othet day............ . That's about all it takes for me to accept the dual trial scenario? I do not know if I have ever seen a cosmic scale being in medically irgent state before. (*Recalls that soft silver bluish white light...emanating from her*).

Within the next couple moments, everything went white...(white expanse event?) as I held her fragile form in my arms. I could sense her instinctal trust in me, her instinctual faith in me (!!!), and that she needed me / depended upon me....as she nestled her head closer to me / slightly stirred.

I soon woke up to the mountain sanctary with an ***INTENSE* headache.


Looks like there art II options from here.

And I thank Starry Maiden for illuminating these options.

A) Starry Maiden is here in this same layer of this mindscape but there are communication issues.

B) Starry Maiden is in this mindscape, but to a parallel layer that must be merged and synchronized with.

I like option B, because it would give me a chance to truly love Starry Maiden with all my heart, and accept her a person. I would love that... .

But if option B is possible, why would I note a 'GLP' 'poster' 'directly' 'referencing' 'at' it, a theory I specially wrote of weeks if not months ago?

I don't know if option A is...I I don't know if I want to even consider it.

Me? I truly want for Starry Maiden and I to be friends, I want for us to have a future as friends and family to each other. (*Noticed a pair of hovering blue eyes*). I want for us to have fun, have fun enjoying life and going on adventures.

I'll hold saying more, because I am concerned about Starry Maiden's health.

K. Um..... . I am going to go chill for a while, and let the ringing in my ears ease a bit.
Tags: contact event, dual trial, dual trial scenario, starry maiden
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