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Kicking The Expatriation Notation & M*ning Plan Into Gear


Yea. I think I am going to look into a heavy-duty c*bbing machine........, see about getting bunches of S*lver settings, and see about making my own line of cosmic jewelry.... . I want to make my own international company. I find Clear S*pphires, gemmy S*llimanite, and loads of other g*mstones all the time.

With the above machine, I can work the huge specimens I find into the classic c*bochon shape. Since I note a legally blind Negro 'body'...., I do not know about f*ceting. Think I am going to stick with making c*bochons initially.

Since I observed a lot of 'monks' 'curious' at my abilities during my last Japan trip, next time (if there is to be a next time) I, likely noting a 'working' 'VISA' as a safeguard, would go to Japan loaded with c*bochons. Those, and a lot lot lot more language training.

Yea. Me notes Murka a 'cultural' 'wasteland'........ . Time to make plans of moving on...... .

I'll probably get the above some time around late summer (if such a time comes), and after getting some field work / collection done.
Tags: house of gemstones, life plans, machinery, mining training
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