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Closed Eye Visuals / CEVs / 'White' 'Trash' 'Barbie' 'Reset' Averted

I was about to write this article earlier, but I decided to go pick some reds from me m*ning rough.

I had some wild closed eye visuals today..., and that rather unexpectedly. (*Notices a pair of glowing eyes in the field of my vision*). Since I have another body on another plane of existence right now (the hyperdimensional overworld), and possibly even another body that roams the hyperdimensional overworld sometimes (like a soul matter body that can solidify sometimes)...., makes since to me. What did I see? (!!!). (*Feels my fingernails glowing*). Turning on my side and toward the sunlight from my bedroom window, I saw a blinking eye (!!) that featured very long eyelashes, and a somewhat saddened look. I noticed the possessor blink, and then seeming "turn over" or turn the direction of their head upwards...in a *sad* way..... It was if the being an aching heart full of worry. I spoke up IRL (!!!) here, saying "woa ~~ I can see you~!" and "did you just blink ~~~~~ !?..... . I heard a voice I struggled to hear....., and heard a feminine sounding being sigh in relief....and excitedly asking me questions. (*Blushes*). Then the hugs came (*coughs*) (*feels my face burning red*).

Oh. I did not mention what happened before the CEVs did I? (*Rubs my red face*). Before waking over here today, I saw / met a very youthful and healthy seeming being (*facepalms*)....... . The being was..uh....yearni...um....requesting my touch (*coughs and goes red*) (*seeimingly just heard confirmation, and saw the floating eyes again*). (Yea, and when my groggily lifted arm fell / collapsed onto the chest of being......*O_O*....s...s....s..um....an unexpected notation took place (*facepalms my beet red face*)).

This all is very fortuitous for me. If the CEVs intensify, and become a regular thing, then I can know what is a fluid world event, and what is a dimension diving event. Too, I would get to see some beautiful and classy women while I am here in this place......, because all I would have to do is close my eyes and enjoy =^_^= ~~~~~~ ........ . For the record, sometimes, albeit rarely.....whenever I am in another body...I get to see "windows" in my field of vision..... "Windows" that each show exactly what any of my bodies are seeing.


Let's segway for a moment into something I found on a research run...... .


Sign me up if it is real.

But it isn't because I think I can convince 'mankind' of anything.

I have long known there is no way to convince a religious fanatic of any truth that does not line up with 'their' 'solipsism'. Sure you will note Christians, Fi*kin, Atheists, and etc all 'claim' at having an open and objective mind that can handle proof / the truth / cool stuff, but whenever that truth comes...in a way the 'fanatic' 'can't' 'ignore', a breakdown into gibbering and violent madness takes place for the 'fanatic'.

Me though? If the above is real, I would want to record my CEVs just for me and my objective research purposes.

Lol. Hehehehe. I guess I sure..would get to see some well dressed, classy, feminine, fun, heartwarming, and pretty women.....that way hunh?

Translative images from topside.. / the hyperdimensional overworld.......scaled down and visualized on a screen...here in the present.

Wonder if a hyperdimensional starship would have such equipment as "brainovisions".


This next part, for me, was as funny....as it was grave and dire.

Not sure what is going on with my Mr. Niggly's 'heart', but I did not wake up to my usual bed...after f..fainting from the mana-laden hugs referenced above.

I hovered.....around in my starlike form, scoping at a subanime juvenile's room (*cringe*). I noticed a red spread on a child sized floor bed / low bed....., and then spotted a juvenile Caucasian XX chromosome type messing with toys / plushies or whatever. I was like "time to go"......and wondering what the heck was going on. But as I tried to flee, I listened at the mortal, maybe 4-5, complaining about (ulgh) (*gets squeamish*) it's payrent's 'boyfiend' or 'spouse' "of the moment" (slut payrent.......go figure)..., and parental neglect.

I do not get involved with mortals' broken s*** for which there is no cure, so I headed at the door.

Uh.. . Gross. Some alcoholic Caucasian dude, 'mummas' 'dewd', staggered at my flight path.

Then an eerie sensation took place. (*Rubs my face*).

Aw heck no...... . I was in a bodily point of view all of a sudden, and I was ***LOW*** to the ground.

Naw.... . Naw naw naw...naw...naw.,......... .

I already knew I ain't have no time for no 'white' 'trash' 'Barbie'.....nonsense.

Watching at the dude collapse at the juvenile sized daybed, and listening at what sounded like raucous drunks in other rooms of the dwelling I noted.....at, I grabbed scissors....and hid them behind my back...as I watched at the dude acting and talking weird.

I was really squicked. I mean.....really......really squicked. Yuck!!!

When I observed the man's hand reaching at me, I (!!!!) got to see my full reality manipulation abilities kick into gear. Everything took on a washed over white glow........, and a timestream event (!!!) of some type took place.

When the white faded for a moment, my starlike form was popped from my body, and I guess I spotted at a 1960s style diner bar / pharmacy soda shop location. The 4-5 subanime brunette I noted grafted at me moments earlier.....was changed / aged into an unattractive subanime brunette 11-14 that sorta had a 'fish' 'mouth', and a doughy face. A crazy look (lol) was in the graft's eye, and I heard at the graft strangely and absently crooning some weird sassy chick gimmick 'mantra'. Ulgh.

The white light came back again along with what seemed like super sped up time lapse style fluid world visuals......., and when the light faded again, I noted the brunette was '18-25+' and still unattractive...and 'nuttier' 'than' 'a' 'fruitcake'.

Guess I got really really squicked, and noted the "world setup" disassembled, and maybe that...so this current place could reload again.

Hope I am not a hypocrite......for how I responded a couple years ago, but I guess I would rather note an 'adult' 'Negro' 'male' when it comes to observing subanime conditions. Yea...I observe dude has a 'mind' 'of' 'his' 'own' (a 'weak' 'one'), but still............. . Yea. Fact is, unless a ship is available (*gulps*) for a trialer, and unless defensive capacities are available, landing here to note a subanime juvenile body at your pov is an action that comes with the consequences of *HEAVY* PAIN.....and ***SUFFERING***. The 'payrent' 'system' is a 'blatant' 'weapon' at our kind, ....and just a faulty pretext and excuse to lob killers, louts, scumbags, weirdos, bullies, and psychos at any landed trialers who note 'juvenile' 'bodies'.

Makes me wonder though. If I had woke to observe a '36yr' 'body', what would have happened? A backstory about me being an amnesiac refugee???
Tags: reality manipulation, research and analysis, time and space phenomena
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