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2001: An Inner City Odyssey And My Initial True Awakening

I need to clarify some of my last posts....since I never really talked about this subject, and the era of which it pertained.......on the internet.

Summer 2001, I made every attempt to get away from 'gramps' and his 'crack' 'dealing' 'compound'. I literally refused to 'work' for him (like his own drug junkie sons), and I refused to run an 'alternate' 'crackhouse' '/' 'whorehouse'. Using my vision abilities, and even stating it clearly back then, I said how I was not going to be around for the drug sting due in a couple months. I had already seen at the cop cars, the drama, etc in advance, and I said so.

Old man claimed at me being crazy? Said the drug money was a 'blessing' from 'Jehovah'?

I had been planning to see about noting the Coast Guard, but I noted the demonic fake family just ***too*** crazed, too vengeful, too paranoid at me having survived 'high' 'school'. Me? I just would not 'die'. Too, I would not **** the 'willing' sluts ***NOR*** the 'willing' gay dudes. I was not being a n*gger.

I fled for my life to a college in Gr**nsboro.

Yea, and soon (within weeks) I heard via phone at the results of a drug sting bust and how J*e had to try to blame / frame his other grandson for all his crack and bout 100,000$ in drug cash seized.

I learned about my vision accuracy then, hence why I never really listened to a legion of autistic 'keyboard' 'warriors'' 'claims' of 'the' 'contrary'.

The initial semester for me was probably about...the most dark and icy era of my life. Literally dark, and icy.

But I managed to adapt, and "get into the zone".

Yea, and while there and noting a 3.8 GPA, I hatched a plan to "make it to the mountains"...and note a university in the mountains. That as a means to *train*, and see what I could ***REALLY*** do (*grins as remembers the cosmic wave and tsunami event*).

(See why I do not need fiction? Reality is way more epic).

Some point whilst sitting in a physics classroom, an astronomy classroom, I reeled......as an information wave, a space and time related wave, inundated me. I did not freak out, no, but I had a realization..... . A realization that I shared no true connection to mankind, and was actually just witnessing formless hallucinogenic apparitions created / born of a void......., a void at space and time (*thinks about the Infiniversal Routing Gem as I type*). Yea, and that...all of my own choice (!!!!!!).

After class, I grabbed my books, went to the dorm room, and collapsed.....into bed.

It all made so much sense?

But questions were asked by me. What was I?

A hypothesis came up, a hypothesis about me being a private universe. A hypothesis I needed to test. If it tested to be true (by way of me witnessing 'Jehovah's' defeat), my plan was to rewrite all space and time.......so I would be free to reside in my own private universal expanse... . free to experience the bliss and fun I had always experienced through the years...., the bliss and fun that I had yet constantly observed 'mankind' 'assault' and 'ruin' 'at'.

Another theory, maybe a theory accompanied by images, took place for me during that same time. I asked what if I was part of a collective of individual universe scale beings... . Yea. Beings trying to reach each other (I had yet to discover / weave the concept of a containment vessel..., a / the vessel which is the Infiniversal Routing Gem).

But what evidence did I have of that? I only witnessed morons lacking at souls.

My plan was to modify all space and time, and make it so I was sealed in my own private universe, free from parasites and violence bringers, and virginal..for all eternity. That was my dream. My goal.

Yea. I aspired to be a prime example of a universe. What would my physical in-universe universal explorer body look like? I speculated, and asked...if a 6'3, animesque, and buff male with long red hair would suffice? Even with virginity plans (*turns beet red*), I did not want to change a certain...u...um......u...uh.........(*coughs*). I was o...okay with that (*facepalms*). I mean, energy, y'know??? Any part (*coughs*) of me that has / had dense and seemingly limitless concentrations of cosmic energy naturally...I did *NOT* want to 'lose' (*blushes intensely*).


Jumping forward, something happened when I *DID* observe the college transfer plan take place. I, for some reason I can't explain, got enamored with the idea of "friendship" and "friends". I wanted to meet others like me.

But I learned quick, time and again, there are just some shoes (roles) mortals 'can't' possibly fill.

Then came the whole "gender surprise" per 'words' 'of' 'God' (which came along with some r*pe threats from him directed at me.....which I could not comprehend, as well as threats to ______ and devour....what he termed as "your kittens".

Kittens? I was celibate..... . I don't reproduce..... . Still, I put my hands up, and was ready to stand up for any beings in need of protection.

After witnessing Jehovah's defeat, and observing the foretold cosmic ray blast and tsunami..., I did not know why I was still here.

Just witnessing boring and predictable mortals...day after day...., and for what???

After a year and a month or so, the blue place event took place. By that point, I was willing to sacrifice my entire existence so any possible group of universal scale beings (which I thought I might have briefly sensed)...could have a meeting place, and a safe sanctuary with which to host and have social interaction(s). But my existence somehow continued on, and I was still back to "here".

But then a year after that (2007) came the onset of events where I (!?!?!) perceived a presence, maybe a pair of presences, regularly attempting to k..kiss me (*gulps*) (*blinks*). That whether I am here, or during dimension diving events.

Empathy and telepathy awoke.

Hunh. I sensed what seemed to be love???? Wow... . Ok. *O_O*.

So here we are today.

I am sure...now that I am a universe, and that due to repeated observable evidence, and the blue place event. Too (*blush*), I enjoy / enjoyed how the whole gender matter went =^_^=. Everything I u.uuuh was okay with having before, I get to keep (*coughs and blushes*) (*grins with relief*).

Me? I am not trying to 'knock' anime, nor 'anime' 'deities'. It's just that the blue place gives me what I want. I like celibacy (*gasped as I felt a caress to my bottom and heard a voice*). Only way I would choose other than my original sealed solo universe plan, is if there is a community of individual universal scale beings...who can get along, function, support themselves and each other, and not act like 'retards'. (*Hears at sirens IRL as I type*). Yea. (*Suddenly hears at loads and loads of sirens*).

Yea. A community of multiversal beings needs some evidence. I need an explanation as to why I have yet to see, face to face in the mountain sanctuary (or even on tv / in media), an actually good looking.....feminine being who can rock a bikini and not make me throw up? Or even have a reasonable conversation about reality without going into 'violent' 'autistic' '/' 'solipsistic' 'hysterics'?

How can I ever know if there are any other beings capable of a blue place scale moment?

I don't know how to explain the kisses, the hugs, the encounters experienced since noting 2007. Since anime is not real by hyperdimensional standards, who or what were they from????

Yea. And let's face it? Anime deities would not be above / beyond.....using / leveraging "DDD cup hugs" as a means to stop at the Big Crunch / Infiniversal Routing Gem Deactivation. (Though I would not think anime deities capable of love, the love which I have regularly sensed directed towards me through the years).

I've had my fun, but I am tired now. If the only way I can have rest, have peace, is through a space and time.....involving trump card / option whereby I am permanently sealed by myself for all eternity and evermore, I'll gladly take it. Especially if that was / is what the blue place was. (*Felt my fingernails glow with pity at deity class entities like Tokimi, and others*).
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