Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Remembered Something About Today's Fluid World Or Diving Event......

Been a lot of stuff going on which I have not reported on here since writing my post the other day about my ancient sealed universe plan which I am now reconsidering.

But today, I found myself noticing an interception to or an 'interception' 'at' my progress back here to the mountains / this house IRL.

Walking about, I noticed subanime, and also observed at many sitting folks..as if some sort of dire gathering was taken place. I worried a little bit because the air was filled with dread and a very tense sensation...that my empathy read.

I tried to flee the compound / setting, and that as I heard at loud sounds that sounded like w "vitals machine" and someone 'crashing'....... . Arrthymia tones....., flat line tones that kept getting longer and longer.

I heard at one long flat line take place?

Bur I walked by at some room that had an open door, and a gloomy power signature inside, I heard at the heart monitor tones resume.

Was the room hospital room???

I just sped on..., heading for the / a exit.....so I could navigate my way back to the mountain house.

I made it to a spot where I witnessed a street setting.

It was about then, that my view suddenly shifted...and I noted Negro / Mulatto XX chromosome type figure staggering strangely and reaching frantically some ways ahead....as if the figure was making a desperate attempt to reach someone. The figure seemed to be wearing some neon orange lingerie (!?!?!) or swimwear, and directing sexual vibes at me. (Maybe I dodged a grab targeted at me by teleportation).

I just kept moving, and soon found myself back to the mountain house and very very very very very groggy for some reason.

Now....I am kinda concerned, and wondering if I unexpectedly observed at that Mulatto entity spotted at a couple weeks ago......'flat-lining'. I still did not feel any attraction.......if so (*winces*).


Remember that post I tried to verbalize a couple weeks ago? I do.

Well, a week or two or three or so after I made my post, and after typing a key word into the search engine, I found at what but a MGTOW site's 'new' 'post'......featuring dudes 'simplifying' at the content / meaning of my own statement(s).


Me? If I am ever to consider being in a relationship, I might need for there to be "robot body tests" for the both of us. What does that mean? It means where there is testing to see if the person I love (*gasps as I feel a kiss*)...er I mean the person I am considering a relationship with.....and I...can get along just fine, even laugh and have fun, and even feel love for each other....even though our star-like "pilot" forms are integrated into rusty robots for a couple of days or longer... . Yea. Rusty robots rather than our usual fleshly bodies.
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