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Going All In.........

Yesterday was pretty fun =^_^=.

I got very excited about the future *^_^*.

The powerful dude, J, got like a stack of books on c*bochon and faceting....., and stated I could use them as much as I wanted?

There is a lot of intricate stuff involved with g*m processing.




Many of my past m*ned S*pphires already have natural f*cets, so I do not plan on processing those.

Reason I want to read / learn up on this stuff, too, is so I can someday materialize fully faceted gemstones just from *MY* *MANA*. Indeed. Countless amounts of S*pphires, R*bies, T*paz, Diamonds, Em*ralds, Aq*amarine, G*shenite, Bi*b*te, H*liodor, S*llamanite, T*urmaline, and others.

Yea. I have already taken steps to making an international company IRL.


Last night / this morning....dimension diving or fluid world events had me kinda confused...... .

I suppose a figure (noted subanime red hair though, and yet again) was cozying up (!?!!) at or to....my shoulder, and mentioning wanting to go see some sort of production (an opera?) with me (?????). The figure was "interested", but also seemed to be "worried"..and wanting to " spend some time together". Seems I spectated the same figure noted a couple months back...as I was to that shrine city in J*pan.

I am not going to call my visions and mystical encounter events frustrating. No. Never. I *CAN* land / see environmental events in advance. But thing is, if not the establishment of an immaculate, nurturing, healthy, healing, fulfilling and eternal.....sanctuary realm, what purpose would love have? How else would / could love have any use whatsoever? Yea. That said, what are all those visions / events involving that figure and other figures supposed to lead to?

True love is about vision, vision and accountability regarding somebody else's future. It is not about that oxymoronic and nonsensical phrase of ' " 'feeling' 'good' " '. It is not about 'stress' 'relieving' 'sex' either..., because a real being capable of real love does not even feel 'stress'. I note mortals tend to conflate mindless breeding, as well as 'temporary' and 'situational' 'convenience' of a 'sexual' 'relationship' at the meaning of love. Love though, is so much more.

Yea. Maybe that though I am kinda confused. Because whatever I do, or say, or however upset I get. I always find myself noticing the same petite being / petite beings never quit trying to cuddle up to me as I rest, and never quit trying to stay around me. The beings even seem to cry (*winces*)...sometimes, cry and respond with what seems like panic to my eternal celibacy statements / plans but still never quit trying..... . (*Rubs my scalp and forehead introspectively*).

Why do the beings want to hang around me so much, and who are they? What is their goal? Their plan?

Whoever they are, they remind me of "dark matter" and "dark energy" in a metaphorical sense, because they do not seem to directly use the keyboards / communication devices of this anemic world to reach me.

Yea. Me? I am not a mortal. No offense intended, but I never *expected* to be loved. I never *expected* attention. Yea, and even so I found happiness and fulfillment...... . (*Remembers that blue place event*). I even found what felt like absolute completion, however brief the experience was. Me? I see life, existence (what of it I can see anyway), in the terms of future information, present information, and past information, and that simultaneously. (That is too why I am celibate, and can not be attracted mortals. When I witness a mortal that is 22, I simultaneously witness the the one as 3.....as well as 70+)).

I'll admit that the beings do have incredible pain easing abilities, but even so, I am not trying to abuse that ability of theirs....nor "use" at anybody. (Just like I would not want to be "used" regarding my abilities and resources, I do not want to "use" anybody for any of their abilities or their resources).

Yea. I just wonder where this is headed. (*Perceived a pair of....floating blue eyes*).

Back to 2005 / 2006 / 2007 I was very alarmed....., initially......, regarding both encounters during fluid world and dimension diving events, as well as alarmed regarding caresses I would feel IRL. Yea, but during rare events when / where I could see the beings, I thought they were cute (lol) so I calmed down.... .

Yea. I am ready for more in-depth and far more detailed visual and auditory contact.

I'll try to be gentle with my words to them. These beings clearly aren't mortal sluts, and as such have very deep emotions...as well as the capacity for deep analytical thought.

I need stats, some information, about that "overworld plane" where my actual physical body is located. That, as well as any availableInfiniversal Routing G*m information.
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