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Really Intense CEV's / M*ned A Blue Today....... / Ready To M*ne The River Across My House

Not sure what they mean, but I had a bout of almost neon closed eye visuals for a while today.... . Yea. That after a little mini nap following the last post.

I did not freak out, but it was like I saw scenes of / from another plane...., and a plane that feaured perhaps what seemed to be floating / luminous objects.

Seems like there are some sadness related events going on in the / a overworld plane..... . I am not so sure...what they are about though.


The key to m*ning is knowing the native topography, scouting (lol), and traveling. So far, I know where to find loads and loads of reds.

But today (!!!) I found a highly included but still...gemmy....blue / bluish-green translucent spire. Seems to be S*pphire..., and maybe a placer type / alluvial type bit.

I will see about getting a sensitive weight scale, and doing a specific gr*vity test on it. I'll also get a spectroscope soon...... .

I like m*ning reds, but I am ready to get back to diving for enourmouse Clear S*pphires in the rivdr bend across from my house.

Yea, I love swimming =^_^=. Yea, and the river across from my house has the largest clear color g*mstones I have ever found. Lods of Clear S*pphires and White S*pphires.

The plan is to collect material through spring, summer, and early autumn. Yea, and then work on making cab*chons through autumm and winter.

Maybe I will even try my hand with f*ceting......., if my current vision holds up anyway.

Me? I am still thankful for the chance to live like this. I have access to all the g*mstones I can handle. Just don't know why I am still on this planet..... .
Tags: chilling in the crib, mining, training, training results
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