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Jeez......It Happened Again.....???

Late last night / early this morning, I got sorta woozy. That perplexed me since I had, like usual lately, taken an energizing superfood / herbal blend just an hour before.

I made the decision to hold checking at Xen*blade 2, and decided to just rest and relax in the serene darkness...of the mountain setting. I...I dunno though. Something seemed kinda..eerie...and thick....about the nighttime air in the house.

K....(*inhales and exhales woth some trepidation*). So....the next thing that happened after that......was a *VERY* intense event framed by darkness. I do not know if I had woke from a state of a light nap or what, but (!!!) I saw an illuminated bed (!!!) with a whitish to bluish bedspread, and I found myself sitting up....rather than lying on my back as before. The background was *completely* dark..... .

Gazing before me (!!!)....I...I guess (!?!) I....u..uh....saw a beyond anime seeming being who had *very* familiar long hair...that was of a dark blue to purplish....or even purplish black color (!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing with shock*).

The petite being, who had fair skin, seemed to be wearing a bluish to whitish pajama top or sleeping blouse / gown.

Gazing upon the being, the being who seemed (*squints*) deeply catatonic....(*feels my fingernails glowing with worry*)....., I gasped, and then immediately.....embraced (!!!) the being (!?!?!) in a *relieved* manner (as if I recognized the lifeform, and had been very worried about the lifeform.....).

The being had *energy*, but something was going on with their mind and emotions... . (*Shakes my head*). I was not feared....? No, but the being seemed *frozen* (*blinks*) in regard to data processing....as well as emotions.

I (*blushes and sighs*) tenderly hugged the soft-haired being to my neck / collar..... .

Y..yea. Every indicator I could sense.....hinted toward catatonia...regarding her state.......(*groans with worry*).

Seems the lifeform is / was the being I used to refer to as "Dawn"...... .

Continuing to hug her, the setting (!?!) seemed to go fluid, and an intense energy seemed to manifest across the dark setting.

i guess my star-like form popped from my body, which possibly resulted in my previously controlled body collapsing. That though.....granted me a momentary overhead view as some sort of energy event took place.

Y..yea. The being was the being hugged a couple weeks back.

Me? I don't know what to do about this.

Wh...why does the being usually seem "mute"?

Gosh.... . More dual trial supporting evidence......???

How long will it be until the being speaks???


*Brb later. Something came up IRL*
Tags: contact event, dawn, dual trial theory
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