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Learning (More) Japanese And Chinese.....

Found an app today......, and I have been using it to refresh my learning from R*setta Stone Unit I.


In an effort to help with understanding at Kanji, I have decided to take the plunge and learn at Chinese...as well.

Not intending bragging here, but school has never been difficult for me. Only in college did I even learn what studying after class was / meant....., and even then I noted A's usually.

If only I had the software available now back in the 90s....... .

Yea. Back before I was tired at m*nkind...., and when I had a supercharged memory alongside loads upon loads of mental energy.

Well...guess I'll stack a Chinese and Japanese curriculum on top of my lapidary training, weight training, music training, and astronomy training.

Yea. With the internet, there is no excuse to be ignorant.

I did not know such language software was even available for free......... .
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