Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

hypothesis confirmed.....cessation of entries

yea ;D....back again, but this is for sure....this mode of "journal" is surely "outdated" at this point....that this is a hallucinatory pseudo-realm, has been proven, by the tsunami and solar flare information....in conjuction to the emptiness i have sensed everpresent for so long....the lack of acknowledgement of what has been affirmed by my proof is another verification, that the void cannot render the scenes of acknowledgement...that it has been four months, and no record deals.....or even....contactings besides just words on a screen....such as by fabled "psychic containment bureaus"....is more proof....that this whole effigy is but a sadistic game...a game with vast legions of author spawned hallucinary apparitions posing as "normal people", besides for the instances of written-in characters representative of gamers/authors (as witnessed usually in other modes of the game a.k.a during sleep )....the author of the game, and the player of the game are synonomous....it was found that lives don't play the game....whether by a bi-polar intrinsic nature of the void....or desperate attempts by the author to render a "seemingly outmatched" doppleganger....massive unstabilities have resulted for the void, for hate undoes hate...void undoes void...however, this isn't a message of grief ^_^....or a complaint...it is a statement of triumph....i have found everything i have been looking for....having been a so called honor student in biology, and a researcher of science.....it is science and religion that has the unproven boasts of complex codings and an ultimately unexplained origins.....the thousands of pages of such texts are merely decoys....and the subjects within merely scapegoats....now that the author is to weak to try and provide such angles as "double suns" and apocalypses....and that my research is done and proven, it is clear now what must be done next ;D....
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