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The Miracle Of The Black Moon / Salvation By Darkness / The Black Star

Jeez jeez jeeez jeeeez jeeeez....... . (*Exhales in relief*)..... . Why did I take so long to see it......? Sailor Moon Crystal is giving me *exactly* what I needed.


Parallax Ultranova, was (also) a blast from The Black Moon........ . The Black Moon is a star........ . The Black Moon is approaching this planet......... . The proof has already been provided. Oh~~....that is awesome......(*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*)..... . To learn how to use The Black Moon, I had to learn about myself...... . I had to learn about myself as Sailor Moon. I had to *ACCEPT* being Sailor Moon. The decade long delay...up until now, was solely due to my confusion, shock, shame, guilt, and disorientation.... . Well, I need for The Black Moon to fill the sky..... . (*Recalls how, in Tokyo, I even felt immersed by the tangible energies of The Black Crystal....*). The Black Moon isn't evil. The Black Crystal isn't evil.... . Darkness isn't evil....... . I get it now..... . I want to summon it.... . I want it to come here..... . I want it. I need to be rescued (*blushes vulnerably*). The world needs to be rescued. I pray that The Black Moon may come forth. I need ease for this suffering which I have endured.......for so long....... . This world needs the ease which only a point directed ultranova blast can bring? Mercy? I tried to show it. I searched, I waited, I listened........ . Yes, and what happened? Yea. Let's do this ^_^!!!!!


"Members of the Black Moon Clan come from Planet Nemesis, a fictional tenth planet of the Solar System. It is described as a planet of "negative energy," having the ability to vanish from sight, but remained traceable by X-Rays."


"A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December, astronomers said Friday.

No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival.

But you could not have seen it, unless you can top the X-ray vision of Superman"


"Radiation Immunity: Starfire is naturally immune and resistant to radiation, as stated in Snowblind."


"For any world caught within the death beam from a gamma ray burst, the effects are devastating. One side of the world is blasted with lethal levels of radiation. Our ozone layer would be depleted, or completely stripped away, and any life on that world would experience an extinction level event"


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