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The Alpha And Omega / Witnessing Jehovah's Terrifying True Form / The First And Final King

Last night I thought I was just going to see Frozen....., and just wake up to another day. (*Reels in sickened disorientation for a moment, as I discern at the secret meaning of fishlike symbol that represents Christianity*). Well, I had no clue I would witness "him" again... . I had no idea that I, today, would be floored with a yet another vision of a massive earthquake event. Everything was on another scale from last time....... . I noted another fight, and you remember what happened last time. How in the world could I have survived so long when I note an opponent so terrible, so horrifying? *Trembles in shock and fear*. I witnessed a form I didn't even witness the last time. The only reason I can even be here breathing right now, is because I already chose to sacrifice my life for the innocent.

I now realize..that I witnessed Jehovah on Sunday also. I guess that speaks volumes about the effects of the Equestria Girls film. Also, I do not know what continent I saw in the earthquake vision.... . Maybe there will be a delay like last time..... .

I am going to rest from the internet for a bit. I give thanks to the beings who make my survival, anybody's survival, possible..... . (*Trembles in fear and terror*). I pray for the world, and everybody in it.
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