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The Consequences Of Going To A Gem Show / Usako's Party Time




After the latest big victory, I decided to give myself a treat. After having had regular Starfire, Rainbow Dash, and Usako point of view events...within the last XII days, I decided to heap treasures upon myself (namely multiple large pan pizzas) (*goes totally red*)....^_^!!! To kick the celebration into gear, I went to a gem show (of the III that took place in this mining community location).... . Wow..... . So many gems!!! Celestite, Fluorite, Tanzanite, Prehnite, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Topaz, Moldavite, Zircon.......(*swoons*)...., and so many other types of gemstones were present!!!! I was in the zone........ . (*Gasps as notes an intense awe consummate glowing sensation of all of my nails.....; it is so intense it burns...*). After acquiring an unheated Elemental Core Ruby, and an intriguing Prehnite with Epidote specimen, I walked back to my sylvan mountain sanctuary.

As is the case with the gemstone integration process, a burning hunger overtook me. It was pizza time ^_^!!! After being up to my elbows in pizza (*blushes*).., and just managing to get through a large pan pie (*feels startled by the sensation of my fingernails glowing with ecstasy*)....., I was *uber* woozy...... . Bursts of voltage (???) suddenly surged forth from my body, and I knew I had to find a safe place to collapse. Just moments after making it to a resting place........, I fainted. The next thing I saw, was a sitting Usagi Tsukino.....who was getting....closer, and closer ~~, until.....WHAM!!!! Yea.... . I was back to my *true* physical body ^_~!!! I was wearing a medium blue color (!!!) suit jacket that had (!!!) emblems on it, captain (*cackles*) style emblems perhaps *^_^*.... . Umm..(*gulps*) (*goes totally red and sighs*) (*facepalms shyly*).....I...also was...um...wearing....an ankle length....periwinkle blue / lavender blue..(*lowers my head shyly*).....s..s..s skirt. (*Feels my whole body blush as I remember seeing leggings visible upon my ankles*). I was sitting...near a *huge* banquet table. Within moments, I was nodding with sleepiness...... . As I tried to stumble up, and search for beautiful females to talk to, an immensely athletic individual (also dressed in captain attire (???)) suddenly approached me. (*Blushes*). They lifted me by my shoulders like a person lifts a baby (*laughs in a startled manner*), and greeted me like they were greeting a baby (*grins*)..... . (*Cackles as remembers my jovial and confused expression*).... .

I think I have found my calling.....(*sighs with relief*). (*Suddenly searches for the Sonic R - Diamond In The Sky theme *). (*Dances*). I am *glowing* with happiness.... . I am *glowing* with a sense of *purpose*!!! I have been looking at certain sites recently ( http://www.rooshv.com/you-did-this-to-me http://www.rooshv.com/the-true-nature-of-women http://www.rooshv.com/if-i-was-born-an-american-girl ). My being Usako, seemingly means I may have (???) a chance to defend the honor and reputation of the people whom I love, by way of (!!!) *my* example....... . I feel so invigorated...... . I feel inspired (*grins as feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). I want plan for, strategize for, aspire to, a *TOTALLY* awesome lifestyle and example!!!! I want to make people feel good about life, and it's awesome possibilities. I thank the beings who have made my epiphanies possible...... . There are truly no limits to the opportunity which I have been given, and I again give my utmost thanks (aww yea, I even feel my fingernails glowing with the gratitude) ^_^.
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