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Oh.....I Really ~~ Need A Girlfriend ^_^ / Earthquake Stuff AKA Proof As Always

Oh ~~ how I long...to see my beautiful puffy puff, my angel of hope (*exhales longingly*). I adore her.....(*feels my face go red*)..... . I'm in love with her (*chin dips as feels my face burning with color*)..... . I love her dearly ~~~...... . She's so *warm*....., her heart is sooo gentle, loving, and kind ~~~. (*Sighs*). She is so healthy ~~~, so amazing, that her vitality literally inundates her surroundings. She is miraculous.... . She is truly a beautiful person, and I am so proud of her...... . I made a pledge, an attempt, to hold / freeze (???) the thought of being in a relationship; I will try to uphold that pledge..., but I still want to let her know how much she means to me (*sighs*)..... . I want to hug her (*chin dips with burning cheeks*), lovingly pet her gorgeous....and puffy blue hair, and present to her fresh baked goods which I've poured my heart into......(*sighs wistfully*). Know what has me perplexed and stunned??? She actually *LOVES*.......*ME* (!!!!). I mean, deeply......(*feels my eyes go wide in shock*). (*Plays the Zemeth Sanctum theme*). She has tender and utterly vulnerable feelings for me (!!!) (*gawks in awe*)..... . I get to be myself around her..... . She accepts my feelings, and even (!!!) cherishes my capacity to feel. Hmmmm ~~~ <3..... . Everything I do, I do for her and the people we love....... . My life purpose is to protect, nurture, pray for ~, and support ~ her eternal life........ . (*Feels my being brimming with energy*). This is who I am. I thank Dawn....for showing me who I am..... . Thank you.

Oh, earthquake stuff happened.... . The fight I noted, and the resultant shaking location (with a mountain visible from a coastline), was possibly Japan? That little quake of a couple days ago, was not the land splitting quake from the vision; I guess it was / is just morale sustaining preview of what is to come.

I give thanks to the beings who make my lifestyle possible. It is so assuring, so relieving for my guilt, to be loved, even (!!!) appreciated, by such a beautiful individual. I again give thanks to Dawn; her divine energy, her healing abilities, are responsible for my breathing right now. (*Prays in thanksgiving to Dawn*).


Real Goddesses never *claim* at being Goddesses. They are humble..... . Humble like *her*...... .


"TOKYO — A magnitude-6.8 earthquake that shook northeast Japan on Wednesday was an aftershock of the devastating 2011 quake that triggered a massive tsunami and nuclear power plant meltdown.

"We consider this morning's earthquake to be an aftershock of the 2011 Northeastern Pacific Earthquake," said Yohei Hasegawa, an official at the Japanese meteorological agency.

The temblor, which struck just after 6 a.m. local time (5 p.m. ET Tuesday), was sparked by the Pacific tectonic plate "subducting," or moving under, the main land plate, he added.

Hasegawa warned that more tremors may be on the way."


"Also, I do not know what continent I saw in the earthquake vision.... . Maybe there will be a delay like last time..... ."

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