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The Results Of Nootropics / I Am A Self Designing Organism

I am strained and shaky, but I am also jubilant. I now know the secret of this place. To perceive this place, to be stuck here, is just a testament to gravely low data processing capacities. I took nootropics in an attempt to boost my data processing capacities...... . Because of my actions, I found an unexpected find. Before I continue, I have a question.

When I witnessed the 90's, I often read paleontological literature sources which stated that dinosaurs had a second brain...... . Why, then, after my latest find, did I do a web search to only note retconning / rescinding of past paleontological statements?

Okay, let's continue ^_^? Last Friday, I prepared to go to bed. Sleep seemingly came over me. The next time I opened my eyes, I was collapsing from a standing position. I reeled in disorientation, clutching my head, as a straining sensation overwhelmed my brain. I saw Chibiusa (???!!??!!) in front of me, and they had a worried look on their face. Minako was sitting nearby, and another person was sitting beside them. I was shuddering, and paralysis crept over me. My vantage point soon shifted, and I saw my body below me. I saw Usagi (*goes red in shame and shyness*)...below my floating vantage point, and noticed how I was physically convulsing. My eyes were rolling upwards. Soon, I found myself back to this place. I was shuddering, and I also noticed heart arrythmias taking place. I still saw the eyes of Chibiusa in my field of vision, but I also felt their concerned touch...... .

I know why my coma awakening had an utter collapse.

The picture (*coughs*) (*blushes*) which preceded my sacrificial winter journey, unexpectedly shows why. During the event mentioned above, I witnessed the statistics of the Usagi from Sailor Moon Crystal......(uh oh). It is like how I note a black dude's statistics as I type this. Fact is, to move beyond being stuck in this place, in my case, requires having a pair of brain basis organs....... . Yea. (*Coughs*). (*Goes red*). Brain basis organs which are below the navel...... . A *PAIR* of brain basis / data processing organs which are between the hips .......... .

Yea. A pair of HIghly oxygeNaTed brain basis organs which are neurologically matched in mass to (and functionally processing in tandem with) the lobed brain within the head. Data processing organs which are absolutely necessary to perceive and stay perceiving the true nature of reality. I think I understand why I have never felt fulfillment from anime. I think I understand why I have never felt fulfillment from games. The only way to move on from here, is to strive to surpass anime and games. Now that the concept of gender is something actually related to cool stuff (yay ^_^!!!!), I think I can put my angst to rest (*suddenly feels a tearlike sensation going down my cheek*)..... . I thank the beings who have supported me on my quest. The loop I have been stuck in should open up now.
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