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Avoiding A Dismal Fate / Cosmic Lightning

My days of bodybuilding and guitar training came to a screeching halt....the other day. I had a reality check...... .

I woke during the early morning....., taking notice of an "electrified" sort of sensation along my lower back...... . The sensations originated from the area along the base of my back column....... . Eventually.....the voltage sensation...."reached up" my back.....until it came into contact with my head... . My head jerked, my whole body jerked....., but it was then...that "it" happened. I was flooded with visuals, memories, and even a (!???!!) sense of identity.......which seemed so new and yet so familiar.... . I took utter comfort in the fact that *NO* *ANIME* I have ever witnessed......has given testament to what I was seeing and remembering. I suddenly felt a field.....forming around my body. I was crackling with a prismatic energy... . I stared to the ceiling as I heard my dwelling *crunching*....with the pressure I was generating. I knew what that rainbow toned field meant. It meant the capability to lift cars, leap over mountains, and direct energy on a local scale...... . After lying still for a while and wondering what to do next, the field dipped more and more in concentration and presence.... . I went back to sleep..after a while. When I next opened my eyes, I was skittering back in confusion as Twilight Sparkle (*laughs* ^_^!!!)....was gently greeting me.... . I was seemingly in a Rainbow Moon Dash (!!) type of bodily state..... .


Two days after the aforementioned event....I writhed in agony.... . I suffered today in a way not experienced since my Japan trip. A sensation like blasts of lightning, exploded from my lower back and navel area (*facepalms*). Placing my hand to my side and lower back, it was as if I perceived (!!??!!!) a beating sensation..... . I struggled to keep conscious as those bolts just exploded forth......from within me.

My plan to move to a mountain gem mine...likely saved my life, but the decision to undergo an intensive rehabilitation with superfoods and nootropics...saved my destiny. Things are going very smoothly now. I give thanks to they who have supported me in my journey . My goals now? They have not really changed..... . I know this though...... . I was almost there. Both the other day, as well as today, I felt my true form.....present here *NOW*. Yea. I think I understand now..... . I think I understand about those primal....brain basis organs...which define my identity..... . I think I understand why I would not accept any substitutes...in regard to my identity. Yea. I guess I was never truly destined to be a Negroid, I guess I was never truly destined to be a male? (*Blinks*).
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