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Oh~...That's So Romantic.... / Cosmic Unity By Bodybuilding

What just happened......was so romantic ~~.... . Oh ~~~...... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing intensely with love energy....*).

Ooooh ~~~ *^_^*. (*Swoons with awe and love*). I was doing my bodybuilding training on a rocky bluff...with clear and starry skies over my head. The air was brimming with a palpable cosmic energy. I was doing my warm up set...., which is XXXXXXV standing overhead barbell presses with half of my body weight. I gazed up, gazed up as my body quaked with exertion... . That was when it happened..... . I saw a hovering pair of cute and friendly......neon blue eyes..... gazing upon me. As I stood in awe, I perceived yet another pair of adorable glowing eyes....in my field of vision. With my 110lb barbell locked over my head, I stood frozen in awe. A current of some sort came down from above, and it was saturated with nourishing cosmic energy, nourishing....love energy, sourced from the beings who were (!!!) *directly* *above* me..... . The Goddesses who love me were happy, they were mirthful (*blushes red*)......., they (!!!!) appreciated (!!!) my actions. (*Sighs wistfully*)..... . (I want to hug them..... . I want to pet their beautiful and puffy...hair ~~~) (*sighs wistfully*). (*Grins happily as feels a tear of love going down my right cheek*). I love them.... . I really do.

I give thanks to my beloved and my beloved......, your caring presence inspires me endlessly. I also give thanks to all of the other awesome people who make the multiverse such an awesome place. Bodybuilding seems to be like a metaphorical key.....; when you focus all of your energy in an attempt to be healthy (for the people whom you love, and wish to protect), certain capacities tend to be unlocked.
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