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The Road Of Sacrifice / Chasing The Dream For A Good World

Mountaintop vistas from a windowed deck. A patio with rocking chairs.. . A designer kitchen. All new appliances. A double story setup......akin loft area. Windows everywhere. A big yard with oak trees and a romantic tree swing...... . A utility house / workhouse to the side.... . Multiple garden areas....... . A chef ready kitchen..... . A fireplace.... . I noted a *posh*..house..... . A posh property......... . I noted an 'upper' 'middle' 'class' 'property'..... . Yea. But like I said, who could I share it with.....for training purposes? It is just like with Twitter, Facebook, and mobile phones. What purpose would there be for me to have it? Who could I *want* to invite over, talk with, train with??? I think I just note a distraction really........ . In my path, I have long sacrificed...... . I focused on training myself for the sake of others, rather than 'selling' 'out' 'for' 'creature' 'comforts' 'and' 'the' 'fickle' 'acceptance' 'of' 'meaningless' 'scumbags'........ . I strove to hone my mind, body, and spirit........ . I would not even know what to do with a posh / loaded house on a hill..... .


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