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Autumn Mega Surge / The Universe Is My Lucid "Dream"

I can feel....the space fabric of this world....rippling. I think it is happening? My VII brain organs are synchronizing... . The future is now...... . I can *constantly* (!!!) sense dimensions now.... .

I crave it. I hunger for it. I crave and hunger for....the achieving of my ultimate goal. I, by my own hand, will note 'the' 'multiverse' 'erased'...... . 'All' 'time', 'all' 'matter', 'all' 'Gods', 'all' 'history', 'all' 'memories', 'all' 'people', 'shall' 'be' 'deleted'.... . My memories, my world, my existence......, my family's existence, will not be stained by the unforgivable scum.....I have witnessed. I shall seek the ultimate form of sealing magic..., and I shall use it at 'the' 'voidspawn'....'which' I have witnessed for so long.... . Existence shall have no trace, no record, of even 'one' 'Christian' '/' 'Atheist' '/' 'Buddhist' '/' 'Muslim' '/' 'Agnostic' '/' 'Satanist' '/' 'Wiccan'.

I want feel that feeling which I felt before witnessing the birth of the 'multiverse'. I crave that feeling of wholeness, completion, purity, order, cleanliness, sanctity, and *virginity*....which defined that infinite scale crystalline blue expanse...... .

Hmmm? My studies at those sub anime level sloots? Those seem to be done. I just confirmed everything that I said...before. Sloots do not have the brain capacity.... / the neurological complexity / the attention span / focus / sentience / prescience / sense of shame / sense of responsibility / the capacity to feel love / consciousness / accountability / discipline / sacrificial altruism / modesty / devotion / piety / passion / zeal / sanity / work ethic / diligence / resolve / virtuousness / perseverence / the hunger for justice / humility / maturity / wisdom / logic / moral integrity / bravery / courage / discernment / intellect / conscientiousness / cognizance.....that is necessary to get *ANYTHING*....done. (They are an exact antithetical opposite at any and all qualities which *REAL* women possess). The Herpes afflicted one.....tried to misuse at my Maca potion, merely seeking a non-surgical edge for their November Playboy interview / photoshoot. The other one had a "system crash" reaction......at my newfound IRL abilities.... . They were hopeless, and I just want to run away from their contagious mediocrity.
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