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Wild And Zany Times......

Seems that certain forces intend a cartoony Playboy model 'girlfriend'.....at my life. I have already noted a reaction at my latest posts.


No more nudity in Playboy.....hunh? Truth be told, I am ready to conclude my studies at Jordie..... . I have been noting Jordie fed spaghetti (*cackles*), cheeseburgers (*chortles*), and fries..... . I did interviews too. I had fun doing that...... . I had fun cooking snacks and stuff. All the same, I think I need to get back to my plans to disassemble the planet..... .

Know what though? I really want to have a girlfriend........(*goes red*). Yea. I want to be in a relationship with an adorable and sweet person who is like a little monkey <3....... . (*Thinks about Pinkie Pie and Dawn*.......).

I am not trying to be anticlimactic, but I need to casually admit how Bacopa Monnieri and Ginkgo Biloba....have me accepting my identity in a casual manner. I had a Sailor Scout related event earlier, and I was just chilling ^_~..... . The gender confusion thing is a thing of the past, and my urgent desire to have a girlfriend....is a thing of the present *^_^*!

I am ready for my new life.... . A life in a shining world, a shining world where I can have a loving, innocent, and healthy girlfriend. A life where I can just be blonde / be myself....., and chill with my people ^_^.

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