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Rainbow Dash / How I Know It Is Real / Subject Jordie

This has been the best Autumn....... . Things have been going awesome.

I have been learning about myself....... . I have been amassing Rubies and Sapphires. I even note 'community' 'acceptance'....... . The zany tales keep building up...... .

Yesterday, I lifted the front portion of a car that was stuck on a wooden pile..... . I was consequently given 15 pounds of grits (*cackles*)...., and I was invited for moonshine (which I declined)..... . The zany times continued...... .

Jordie and the gang came over to hang...... . My porch / yard has become a meeting area of sorts lately (*blushes*). I had an enjoyable time studying Jordie ^_^....... . Know what? I really enjoy noting 'elite' 'hotties'....... . I never even knew I could see......*curves* (!!!) like I saw yesterday....whilst being on this "side" of reality (*whistles*). Hmmmm..... . It can not be a coincidence that a conversation about astrophysics.....took place as I gazed down at the petite and buxom (*coughs*) brunette lying on my porch. Yea.... . Guess what? Jordie also likes to (!!???!!) talk about sensing my presence....through the day.... . They confessed that they enjoy (???) my telepathic probings at the inner reaches of their brain (???!!??!), and my studying them via remote viewing (!!!???!!!). (How did they know?). Jordie also showed keen interest at my astronomy / stargazing / telescope / cosmic rock videos which are slated for next month.

Yea.... . I do not know what is going on....(but I have a tentative theory). What is Jordie??? Why are Jordie's body and brain stats so different (shocking hourglass figure and shocking data processing levels)? Well, I know this. I know it is real..... . I know that the luminous worlds from which I apparently hail are real..... . My history is real. How do I know it is real? I am *so* *used* to the presence of beautiful women..... . The *most* *gorgeous* women....... . I am *addicted* to the presence of beautiful women..... .. Hmmmmmm. My intense pain is eased a bit.....when I note subject Jordie (*goes red*).... . My energy responds.......... . What if my recovery depends on my hanging with Jordie???

Ahhhhh..... . Before I go, I need to say this..... . I am *really* glad about my being Rainbow Dash. I really enjoyed that latest MLP broadcast. Hmmmm. I get the creeping feeling that my recent experiences over here are directly related to MLP somehow...... .

I give thanks to the beings who make my adventures possible.
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